Saturday, December 19, 2009

Switching to India Time....

Shamelessly stolen from Sepia Mutiny.....Absolut Mulit

Mutineers, I now present you... Finnish Bhangra -

It's 1:30 am Friday night/Saturday morning. I fell asleep at 8:30 tonight and woke up at midnight. I thought that was weird. Then I realized, I am switching over to India time. It is happening automatically. Mr Ratburn thinks my sleeping habits are odd, but I think that after 8 years of traveling to India, my body has adjusted well to being able to sleep where ever, and whenever the need be. I can even sleep on planes now!

A word about sleeping on planes. I could never figure out how and why people could just get on a plane, cover their head with a blanket, and sleep through an 11 hour flight. (Now, I'm not kidding about the 11 hour flight, and that's just halfway!) That is, until last year when Eileen the nurse hipped me to the fact that half the plane was dosed on Ambien. Now, I don't know about you, but I do not want to be groggy if the plane...oh wait, maybe I do....but can you imagine what could have happened had that pilot in NY had to ditch that plane a half hour later after the Ambien had taken effect? Personally, I like to be completely sober when I travel. I mean, nothing like having one teeny airplane bottle of whiskey too many and then falling down the stairs when you deboard...

Which reminds me of the first and only time that I went to Hawaii. I was 23, and my boyfriend at the time thought it would be a fabulous idea to drink on the 5 hour flight which departed Los Angeles for Maui at 7:30 am. On that flight I learned that drinking on an airplane has some really ugly results. I probably wont do it ever again unless I am trapped between two large people that are overflowing into my space, causing me some claustro symptoms!

No wait! I cannot jinx self. Every year I say to myself my little prayer that I will be sitting in an aisle seat next to someone small and quiet all the way to India. Most of the time I get my way. Sometimes I don't. Just watch my deodorant work overtime when I don't get an aisle seat! LOL

I hope that you will all have a lovely holiday season, whatever you celebrate!


LisaPizza said...

How many years have you spent visiting India? I've traveled along with you for at least 5 that I know of.

I can sleep anywhere, anytime while traveling, too. I don't usual drink on board planes either, It's very dehydrating being at that altitude already so that means water is my friend. My favorite beverage to order from the attendants is either tomato juice or bloody Mary mix on ice with lime. It's tasty, refreshing, nutritious, non-alcoholic, non- carbonated (which is also dehydrating)and exotic for me, because I only drink it while on a plane.

Now, I have imbibed a few cocktails while on hold-over delays in an airport. Especially when they give one airport gift credits to make up for the delay. That has happened to me several times while traveling domestically. But at that time I was safe on the ground in a country where I spoke the language fluently.

Speaking of fluency... how's your Hindi? Does your brain start to think in Hindi as the calendar pages forward to India time?

Have a fabulously comfortable, safe flight and keep us posted. I'll look for you on Yahoo IM. ;-)

LisaPizza said...

Finnish Bhangra ~ The quite interlude sounds a lot like the Night Rider theme for the 80's. Which is too funny!

lime said...

i just can't get comfortable enough on a plane to sleep and yeah the drugging myself is not really my style either.

safe and happy travels with an aisle seat!