Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday Portrait

OK that was our favorite little cocktail glass that I bought at the Flamingo Las Vegas this August, but alas, I broke it. So, if anyone I know that happens to go to, or otherwise, lives in Las Vegas, I would be eternally grateful for another one and will happily pay for its way here! (Hi Blither!)

Hello everyone! I have to admit, I am not really busy with my business, but rather, doing the holiday thing combined with gathering all my stuff for India. I am leaving the day after Christmas. The rough itinerary is Delhi, Goa and Bangalore areas, of course. I promise to try to eat more often so I don't have too many starvation induced freak outs! I am, of course, mega excited!
Omg I am also so excited about watching Survivor tonight, I just love that show. I still hold out hopes that one day I will be on Survivor and become the "little old hippie chick that takes care of all of us" and lasts to the end by blending into the background and working real hard at camp! I could even get lucky and my tribe will be gifted with a sewing machine and I then can really show em what fashonery I can create from a rice sack or a bin tal grass mat! Really, I am far too old and wise not to get the message that the experience its self is worth far more than a million dollars, but LR does need to go to college...
It has been cold and so I am ready for some sun! I am ready to sweat, get dirty and be hot. I am ready to drink some mighty amounts of whiskey with my traveling pal and friend of 25 years, Keri. I will see the Taj Mahal again! I will hang out with my pal Mubarik in Pahar Ganj. I am ready to gasp on lungfuls of auto exhaust as I sit in honking, honking, honking traffic jams in Bangalore. (Horn OK Please!) I am so ready to eat masala dosa at Samrat, gobi manchurian at Alampur, and then pig out a couple of times at MTR. Obviously, I will eat well in Bangalore. It's the other places that always pose a challenge!
I hope you will all stay tuned to the exciting adventures of Susiestheboss in India, tour 7, Saath Tour, yaars!
Have a lovely day!


Brian Miller said...

i hope you have a great trip!

G-Man said...

At first I hated Russel, I did and still do think that he was a network plant!
But now...?
He's kind of grown on me.
I think Natalie is wayyyyyyy HOT!
I saw a thing on The Travel Channel on Goa..
I think that place would be a BLast!

S said...

Thank you Brian, I know I will.
Gman, I keep missing that Goa thing...I really want to see it.
I am so happy that Shambo got voted off, I am so tired of that bossy mullethead!
Now, I do also think Natalie is way hot!

Jadey said...

Hi Susie,

I hope you have a great trip. I can't wait to hear about. Happy Holidays to you and your family. My 55 is up.

lime said...

say his to mona and mahesh if you see them!