Monday, December 21, 2009

We Are The World, It's True

I think this is perfect blog fodder for this week. What an epic thing. I almost forgot about a certain someone who is no longer with us who pops up in the song, which made my heart jump a little. To have been a fly on the wall during this recording session, wow!
See if you can guess all the aging rock stars which appear in this video, and could somebody please tell me who that is singing between Kenny Rogers and Tina Turner? I hope you will enjoy it. Happy Holidays.



G-Man said...

Don't forget to have One Last Cheeseburger!
I'll miss you....G

lime said...

safe travels susie-q

and thanks for not posting "do they know it's christmas?"

BTExpress said...

The singer your asking about is James Ingram.

Have a good trip.

G-Man said...

You know about Dearest Mona right?

S said...

I do now, Gman, thank you.
My condolences.