Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Expert In Chapati Making

I hope you will enjoy the talents of these expert chapati makers.
Have a Lovely Day.


~Tim said...

That's pretty cool. They have that no-look pass dialed in.

G-Man said...

I hope that all this repetitive work does not give him carpel tunnel!!!

Logophile said...

Why the banging in between? Is he cleaning of his stick? Keeping time? Trying to discharge his desire to beat the hell out of something?
I don't get it,
They are pretty awesome though.

S said...

LOL Logo he has to be keeping time, and/or maybe the cook is listening for the sound of the first bang when he throws the chapati and/or he needs something for his left hand to do to keep the beat, because notice both hands are doing two separate things...amazing!

Stealth said...

That was wicked cool... I miss you btw.