Monday, January 10, 2011

Tan Report Salcete

I am happy to say that I am looking slim, tanned and fabulous Miss Pizza, thank you for asking.
I have been lying by the fabulous Williams Beach Pool, sitting on the beach, drinking too much whiskey, going to karaoke but not singing, and generally having a lovely time.
And yes, Mrs Nesbitt, it has been 95 in the day, and 70 at night, breezy and lovely, please join me, I will have the darjeeling ready!

Hope you all are too.

I have two more days here then I will go to Delhi where it has been below freezing. Remind me next year to skip it. I wanted to come home from a warm climate not that! Sheesh. Have a lovely day.

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G-Man said...

Just come home safely please?