Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Carmi said...

How gorgeous! The artistry and precision are remarkable!

I was once the photographer at an Indian wedding, and the henna was an absolute highlight for me: Taking great pictures of these remarkable creations was a wonderful and welcome challenge.

Wish I had seen these as inspiration beforehand, as they're phenomenal!

G-Man said...

The hands...? OK

Not your pretty feet!!

moondustwriter said...

Love it lady!!! I'm planning a trip to So. Africa and henna tat is on the list.

Thought you might like This since you really got the ball rolling for Flash Fiction.
I think it's exciting that what we are doing now in blogging is setting up trending down the (not too distant) path.

Best to you as you keep making history

P.S if you have any other tid bits of info aka history email me moondustwriter@gmail.com