Monday, November 13, 2006

Quit Playin' With Your Food!

Candy Wrapper Gown!
I have been thinking for a long time about making a dress out of candy wrappers. I could never eat enough candy to do it though! I wished I had thought of this before Halloween, but, hey, if any of you out there have a naughty candy habit, would you consider opening carefully and saving the wrappers for me? (Opening carefully? What?) :D I love this gown, and if anyone can find me the larger pic, I'd love to post it.
These are also candy wrappers, but miniature!

This garment is made entirely of marshmallow PEEPS!

If you want to see all of the Edible art, go here.

More fashion silliness! Enter your bridesmade dress pics and win a prize! Lime? LOL!!!!
Bridesmaids Dress Incinerator Site! You have to check this out!

Save me your candy wrappers please!
29 India


Amber said...

I am craving some candy now.

It is great that A is taking the pharm tech test. It is time for me to recertify too. I am thinking about taking it next year just in case I have a chance to go back to work.

The Persian said...

Wow that peeps dress is kinda creepy! Doesn't it fall apart when you put it on? (I think it's just that I hate those things and my Aunt always insisted on buying them for me on Easter)

lime said...

i bet it cruinkles with every move yo umake.

a couple months ago i saw where some guy made his bride's gown out of cream puffs.

LZ Blogger said...

I'll never look at Peeps the same way again. Wouldn't you hate to go to the site and see the dress you wore? ~ jb///

Tommy said...

Oh girlie, If I ate candy, you would be at the top of mu list! LOL Have a great day hun.

Adeleigh said...

MMMM candy!

Mel said...

oh sweet lord!! I laughed so hard at the bridesmaids dresses.

but I feel the need to brush my teeth after looking at the candy dresses. lol

who thinks of stuff like that??


Missed ya!

Anita said...

Those kids clothes are too adorable. My son would LOVE them.

pearljam said...

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Jodes said...

wow!!! Got the 3 day pics posted.

snavy said...

Too bad I gave up sugar...