Monday, June 02, 2008

Make Me Laugh PLEAASEEEEE!!!!!!/Musical Monday

Gonna kill kill kill kill kill kill kill that dog
I see the little monster in my garden
So I grab an axe and off I go
And I try my best to get it
All I do is sever my big toe
My neighbour called the cops on me
I end up at the police station
Where I am told that I must pay
A 300 dollar fine
Wow, what a good value
I think I'll kill my neighbour too!
Thank you Logo for the lyrics and the ROTFLMFAO!
Heh heh...
I am in great need of some laughs, so please, tell me in great detail, how you would off the beast next door. Stop that! I'm talking about the dog, not the woman! : D

India 249 It's true! I bought my plane ticket last night!


lime said...

i think you should kill the dog quietly when the neighbor is out. then when the poor dear woman is grief stricken invite her for dinner. serve her dog without telling her.

why yes, i am evil.


S said...

OMG Lime, you win already!

BTExpress said...

How much will it cost me to kill a cat? There are few here that I'd like to get rid of. Why can't people keep them inside where they belong?

Anonymous said...

Hey that is so cool yeah! hugs KB

Photocat said...

Dogs should be fun not mean - what a drag you have a mean one!