Sunday, June 15, 2008

Musical Monday

Joan Wasser and Rufus
It's actually Sunday morning and I should be at the market but I got bumped last night. Our farmers market is growing so much that we are running out of room. I say, if you are going to bump someone, make it look good and bump the president of the S********L Farmers Market, (that's me!)
It's cold and foggy this morning, and I don't mind at all hanging around in my bathrobe. Besides, we have a weddin' to get to next weekend in Los Angeles, and Mr Ratburn is in dire need of some wedding duds, so I think we'll go shopping today instead. Speaking of wedding duds, Little Rita is going to be taller than me in her fancy dress up shoes...ack! I chose black sandals to go with my outfit...flats. I never wear heels, I might break something in those things!
So, I have to get ourselves all together this week to drive to Los Angeles on Friday. (I'll let you know how much it costs to drive to LA and back from SF in an economy car when I return.) That and some sewing. You know what really cracks me up? When customers actually blame me for "ruining" their vacation, event, sexy getawayloveweekend, or what have you if I haven't completed their garment by the time THEY want it. What is the first thing I say to ALL my custom order people? "Don't be in a hurry, I don't do hurry. If you want hurry, you need to pay me a $150 rush fee up front." That usually shuts them up. Not this woman...noooooo, I have just "ruined" her getaway week because her robe, the one that I am not hurrying on, the one that she agreed she could wait for as long as I needed to DO MY OTHER WORK. (lol), is not completed. In fact, it's not even started. She got all huffy with me, and you know what? That attitude is just going to make it take longer.....he he.
So, some new JapW is coming out on Youtube! That's Joan as Police Woman for those of you that don't know. I found this live performance of one of her new releases, called Furious. I hope you will enjoy it. I guess it's official...I am back to my loyal 3 readers, LOL.

Have a lovely week!


Anonymous said...

see birthday comment below... ;)

hey you...if i don't catch you before, y'all have a fab time in LA y'hear...???!!! lol i sound like something out of The Beverley Hillbillies...hee hee...!!!

sings...'out came Granny, scratching her fannyyyyyyy...' lmao xxx

barman said...

Sorry, I am not around a lot these days but I am not around much of anywhere. Nice song. Happy Monday.

lime said...

wow, i didn't know you were the president of your market. well hoep you found some good wedding duds for ratburn. as for lil rita i willsoon meet you in the shortest member of the family club....isaac is only about a half inch shorter than me and he's 12, hasn't even hit his major growth spurt yet.

barman said...

My neice has mose blood in here with me at 6' 1 1/2" and my brother at 6' 3"??? I think she will be passing up both her parents any day now. You know, I remember my Grandma being shorter then most but no one would dare mess with Grandme. Size does not matter here either. (I know I am kidding myself about the other thing... :))

Sudiegirl said...

Looks like you have more than three readers these days...

S said...

Someone is off to Spain again?
You just wish you were coming to LA with moi!

Nice to see you Barman, I thought, if anyone likes the Joan As Police Woman, it would be you!

Salute your president of the vegetables Lime! LOL...I feel so important.

Well you know, I think it will be easier for Little Rita if she does pass the 5'1" mark! Clothes buying and I guess it's ok that she's been parading around the house in her new fancy shoes and looking DOWN at me!

Thanks Sudie, back in the days, guys, remember 80 comments on one post?


barman said...

I have never had 80 comments but I sure do remember G-man and Top Cat having over 80. Where you in there too? I guess I did not know you back then.