Monday, June 09, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Hi bloggy peeps! I know I have been about as much fun as a barrel of rotten apples lately. Things are starting to look up. I'm not gonna say I got my way about that dog thing, because I didn't. In fact, my landlord doesn't even have the decency to call us and let us know that he's decided she gets to keep the dog. In fact, I think they both see me as some sort of lunatic after how upset I got. Fuck them. Even if I didn't get rid of the dog, I made sure I spoke my mind to the neighbor, to the landlord, and how. Noone will ever call ME spineless!
As for the neighbor, she can just rot in lonliness with her stupid mean dog with her lame fence and stay the hell out of my life forever. She also owes me $308 but I'm not holding my breath.

Anyway... so tomorrow Little Rita gets her braces off. It's been just 11 months, and in two weeks she will get that retainer thing. Have you seen what retainers look like these days? Glittery, sparkly, purple, red, glowing, or even neon green if you want, with little designs all over em, your name, some kitties or some flames...lands alive! I can't wait to see what Little Rita picks!

So uh, now it's time to reveal the solution to the cat/dog thing. It is clear that dog will kill my animals, but since they are "just cats", noone really gives a damn. You know, the fact that the dog is still here really pisses me off, but I'm not letting it ruin my life, and I sure as hell am not letting that dog kill my cats! So here we are, 2 weeks later, I present to you:


They can jump right out the window there where Gupta is sitting! We are going to make hammocks, and ramps, tunnels and hangy things for them to play with. It has a tree over it, and its breezy and nice. I really think it sucks that they cannot go outside, but they are not about to become dog food.
Whaddya think of my buildin' skillz? Not bad, eh?
So there you have it.
In other news, Joan as Police Woman's new release is out! It's awesome if you ask me. Can't wait for some stuff to show up on Youtube so I can share!
We are having a heat wave, I'll be on the kitchen floor by the fan.
Have a lovely day!


Darkneuro said...

I like Kitmo! If they like shiny things, you can use metal ducting to give them runs and tunnels, too.

lime said...

well, given that no one is working with you i think kitmo is a reasonable solution for the cats to get some fresh air as they are accustomed to. ya done good.

Anonymous said...

KITMO!!! Hahahahahahaha!!! It is a horrible situation that you are making into a creative project. Hell, if I were a cat I'd want a hammock and runs and a jungle gym-esque play area! :)

Keep fighting the good fight my dear!!

Akelamalu said...

What a shame your cats can't go out but you have given them the next best thing I think!

barman said...

One thing to keep in mind. Since you have involved the landlord and she did not do anything about the situation, should anything ever happen like a person being attacked, you can now go after the landlord and the owner of the dog. I hope you never have the need to do that.

Not bad build job. They may not have their freedom but it is better then being dog food or being trapped indoors. Let us know what the cats think.

So when are you going to start marketing Kitmo?

G-Man said...

Awww...Little Rita is already a knock-out...Just Like Mom!!!
I hope the dog issue is about done though. You are way too cool to be hassled by stupid neighbors...G

Mina said...

The Kitmo is awesome!

MyUtopia said...

WHat a fun little play area.

Photocat said...

Wow Rita looks older and what a structure!!!!! Very creative - hugs KB