Friday, April 27, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday

Green With Envy

She stared longingly at the tempting green nectar. Just one....That did it, she would march right up there and order one. But No! That would be wrong, like wearing the same dress to a party. No! She was more original than that.
"I'll have a shot o jack with a coke back", she demanded.
Okee dokee, a fresh 55 for ya! Let me know if you played today, and I'll come on over and check it out. If'n you wanna know more about 55 Flash Fiction Friday, check out this post.
Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!


G-Man said...

Lady S,
You set the standards.
Your the boss!!
You play so well..
You gotta love a drink with an umbrella in it!!
Good Job Susie...
You always make me smile!
G xo

Tina said...

Hi S! I came over from a friend's blog. I decided to join in on the Friday 55... Enjoyed reading yours. :)

cathy said...

I played too.
I love this 55.
Your visit to logo was obviously inspiring as well as entertaining.

barman said...

I need to plan more in advance. I am up for the week. Now what for next week for me, hummmm?

Very nice. I gave up with trying to be original a long time ago. I would have ordered the green nectar. I am so enjoying this. Thanks so much Lady S.

lime said...

how much do i love that picture??? it so totally captures you and logo!

i played with a recycled 55 this week.

Breazy said...

Good morning Susie! I would love to sit with you all for lunch or something, y'all look like you are so much fun!

Hope you have a good weekend!

Logophile said...

I would have shared, ok, I didn't know you wanted some THAT bad
I reran an old 55 but its still a good one!

S said...

Remember, its fiction! I dont do sugar and alcohol mixed together....and anything green is bound to make my head spin!

jillie said...

That green drink is looking a little to green. I'll take what you're having! ;o)

Happy Friday to ya...

Anonymous said...

Hello S, I played for the second time this week. I very much liked yours.

snavy said...

I love the pic!! I think I might frame it!!

RennyBA said...

Whatever you drink, you look like a smashing team!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend:-)

MONA said...

Lol. That is a very nice Flash 55 Susie.'Green Drink!! Lol

LisaPizza said...

Paper parasol in a glass
Filled with liquid dragonfly wings.

She took the first sip
And then started to sing!

With puckered lips
She blew me a kiss.

In love with this lady,
This tall Irish Miss.

My heads in the clouds
And my memory’s all hazy.

Corkscrew curls & sparkling eyes,
Sure make me crazy.