Friday, December 14, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday

In the Christmas workshop, there toils a little elf that likes to make toys his own way.
Today he was in trouble for making green barbies and attaching dinosaur heads to doll bodies.
"I'm telling you Santa, there ARE kids out there who will love this stuff!"
"OK Sid, have it your way" chuckled Santa.
I know, I'm late again! Now, I don't know about you, but I kinda like Sids toys.
Have a lovely weekend, everyone!
and try to get over and visit everyones 55! This is my last 55 until the end of January. You all know you can count on G~man to collect the 55 comments and stuff like that, right, G~man?
What? You say your word doesn't have a counter and it takes too long to write a 55 and then count and recount? Hah! Just excuses, I tell ya, because Charles has worked that all out. Get your 55Flash Fiction word counter here!
It does all the work for you, except for choosing tasty descriptive words, you have to do that yourself!



Charles said...

We'll be waiting for you.

My 55 is up.

Akelamalu said...

Love it, and very seasonal too! :)
Mine's up too.

Seamus said...

Mmmmmmmmm! Green Barbies!

Casdok said...

I like Sids toys too! They show so much imagination!!

smarmoofus said...

I wonder... does Sid make requests? Santa might direct some letters his way.

My 55 is up, too.

S said...

I wanted to say "green 11 1/2" fashion dolls" but that put me over the 55 limit!

Mona said...

LOL! That is so funny.

But You never know, Kids might just love the new breed of ' inter crossed' toys...Those mules!

Rebicmel said...

Sid always scared me, but I felt a bit sorry for him because he was just a little boy who needed a hug hahahaha.

G-Man said...

I loved yours Susie!!
And always better late than Never!!
And Yes.......
I will be MORE than glad to read all of these talented peoples 55's
It's an honor, and lots of fun!!!
Thanks Suzay-Cue...
xoxox...Have fun, and please be careful..G

Little Wing said...

Susie, great 55......
Have a great trip and please be safe.

SignGurl said...

I love your 55, Susie! I would surely love to play with Sid's toys.

Have a great time on your trip. We will be waiting to hear all of your stories.

lime said...

lol, i liked the doll head on spider legs that sid made.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I bought a hat like that when I was in Saratoga, NY last month - it brings me luck tough :-)

Welcome over if you need some Yule Spirit!

RennyBA's Terella