Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Runaway Train Never Coming Back Part Two

Hello from Bangalore. I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas holiday. That was yesterday for us. We spent the day shopping and sweating and walking and drinking beer. Skinny dark skinned Santas everwhere!
Gary thinks I am trying to get him run over by a bus, rickshaw or chapati cart! Crossing the street is a challenge in Bangalore, sir, and you just must plunge right in there in hopes of getting across the street alive.
SO, why did the Indian guy NOT cross the road? Because he simply could not, madam! Trafficin Bangalore could make one pretty nervous. After a breakfast of hot chilies and then a death defying street crossing experience, I think Mr Ratburn is now ready for Lal Bagh park, what do you think?

So after a day of wandering the botanical gardens and stuff like that, we will go back to our hotel and start packing for Hampi. Remember last year? That all night train experience. I just have one thing to say about that......and I will say it IMMODIUM.

By the way, in case you are wondering...remember when we were kids and we thought that airplane bathrooms were just a hole in the floor and all the erm "stuff" just fell out of the sky on people in Siberia? Such is the case with Indian trains.....ahem! So I dont imagine I will soon be hitching or wandering along any train tracks anytime soon.

All that potty talk aside, I will be thinking of you Karenji and that crazy train ride last year and how you had to be my mommy because I became a senseless sick mess. Let's jsut hope the germs leave us alone in Hampi his time. (You can tell Im a little wary, EH?)
You all would be so proud of Mr Gary, he is eating like a pig! I cannot believe it. Personally, I am not really able to eat yet...trying....pants falling off already...etc.
Ok so, Mr Gary wants to say hi and all that. If you are reading this Little Rita, we hope you had a wonderful day with Keri and all, and we miss you and love you so much.
Take care all and see you from Hampi.
India...beer and beggars. Everything for sale. All the cars and traffic in LA put into a space the size of chinatown except replace all the cars with motorcycles and rickshaws. Can you say horn please?
Also the nicest people in the world.


barman said...

Sometimes I think that very train you have pictured at the top is heading my way to run me over. I guess I should stop eating before going to bed.

Christmas, at least from my little corner of the world, went pretty well. I am glad you are having a good time and, should the train not agree with you, I am glad Mr Gary would be there to assist. I am so looking forward to see where we stop next on out little vacation. Thanks for taking us all along!!!

lime said...

ah glad gary made it there and across the street in one piece. good luck with hampi, have fun! don't get sick!

Bsoholic said...

Awesome! Be safe, have fun, and take lots of pics! :D

Anonymous said...

if G is eating like a pig...maybe you should think about a Christmas Hamper to take to Hampi...???!!!

get it...??? get it...??? oooohhh ok, never mind...duh

good luck on the old Darjheeling Limited babe...and make sure your botty isn't too far down that hole...!!! ;) xxx

PS - pictures pleez madam...!!! not of the ablutions though huh...??? lol (^_^)

Photocat said...

Hey guys - so fun - Gary she is the best tour guide - is she listening to Tory???? Hampi train ride - did you get a lower bunk - will Gary be too tall????? Hugs to Ramesh and the Monestary Guard - avoid the sugar crystals and drink lots of water...bottled...sealed bottles - miss you guys and love your stories Susieji - Will call little Rita today - Hugs Karenji

RennyBA said...

In the picture of the train: is it so that there are only men and boys at that train or are the ladies inside?

Btw: great to read about your adventures and happy to know you can always get a cold beer :-)

jillie said...

I feel like I'm on that train right now!

Stay well and see you when you get back.

Zoely said...

sending big good juju love to you! i haven't been here because i didn't think you'd be posting from India! See what i've missed!

Sudiegirl said...

Travel safely and happy new year!

You're on my blogroll and I'm going to try and visit once a week.


Jodes said...

happy new year

Anonymous said...

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