Tuesday, December 11, 2007





Seamus said...

"9India" says a lot!!!! ;)

LisaPizza said...

It's a show about nothing!

lime said...

did logo hijack the blog for this post? this is such a logo-esque post.

S said...

LOL Lime, I was thinking that when I posted it.
I like to copy genius.

Logophile said...

Lime, I had NOTHING to do with it!
But I do like it a lot.
Susie, it's brilliant!

G-Man said...

I've always said that there is beauty in simplicity...
Are we gonna see a little skin?
My HNT is up where is your'n

barman said...

I hear you on the GOT NOTHIN' side of things. You mind has to be on your impending trip.