Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hi everyone its Sunday in as heck! But if you get in the shade, the breeze is lovely. Try to stay on the shadey side of the street madam!

I just had a great argument with some rikki drivers that wanted to pretty much rip me off. It was like a Sunday morning coup.....40 rupees to MG Road madam...I do not think so, there is NO traffic! So we're squabbling and I try the next guy, I see this is about solidarity (40 rupees, madam!) and so I just threw my hands up in the air and as I walk away just in time to see a motorcycle collide into a car, and the man went down so hard. I have read about this in books, but I really didn't believe my eyes when 25 men rushed to this mans side, helped him to curbside, moved his bike out of the road, retrieved his shoes, dusted him off, called for a police, while 20 other men chased down the car that hit him and ran off, stopped the car in the road, pulled the man out by his arms, dragged him over to the injured man and made him become accountable. The cops just take too damn long to get there, and so, ya know, take matters into your own hands and all that. I'm just glad that driver didn't hit a cow or he would have been beaten. Uh huh, Im serious.

OK saw my pal Mahesh yesterday, his new awesome apartment, pictures of his new beautiful baby girl. Sushma and the baby girl (nope not telling her name, just call her bunny rabbit) are with her parents being pampered in Mysore. Mahesh sends greetings to Lime! Mahesh and I went refrigerator shopping....had to help the poor guy out, wife away and all. Actually it was fun talking fridges with cute young Indian salesmen. Some things never change.

OK I am taking pics but wont be able to post'll just have to wait, photo requesters, so instead I will just give you some good steal like last year, ok?

Be well, Happy Holidays.

Mr Ratburn coming tomorrow morning hurray!

Love you Little Rita!


Blissfully Wed said...

You're my hero. (Or my heroine.)

I don't travel as much as I'd like to, but thanks to friends like you and this whole Internet thing, I can read along and feel a bit global myself.

My best to you and Mr. Ratburn et al.

WDKY said...

Great story, and yet again we have a kind of spooky synchronicity going on. I have an Indian friend in 10 er reef who runs a sports goods store by the beach, and guess what his name is... yep, Mahesh.

Hope that guy was okay in the end, and have a lovely, hot and sticky Christmas x

barman said...

Life is never boring if you just live it a little. How interesting.

Other than Canada I have only been out of the country once and that was to Switzerland, Germany, Amsterdam, France, etc. Anyway I was in Switzerland and witnessed that after affects of an accident there. I heard a noise which must have been the actual crash. That was followed by a lot of arguing. They were kind of waving arms at each other and just yelling away. The police showed up and joined in all the yelling and waving. Then they all just went their own way. I must admit I was entertained even for a 16 year old.

I am glad they did not hit the cow either.

Hey since it is already tomorrow shouldn't Mr Ratburn already be there? I hope his trip went well also. Have a great time together.

Seamus said...

Cultural immersion! The best way to visit! :) Hope Mr. Ratburn arrives safe and sound!

RennyBA said...

I knew you where a good haggler :-)

What a wonderful Xmas gift you'll have then!

Stay cool!

Photocat said...

Have fun - tell Mahaesh and Sushma hello - hope they like the book - so glad Gary will be there soon - cannot wait to see the pictures - yeah you are having fun - hug s- KB

lime said...

awww, i hope you gave my love to mahesh and his family!

safe travels to mr ratburn and you! don't get hit by any crazies!

airplanejayne said...

looking forward to your adventures!
thanks for taking us along.

S said...

Mr Gary has arrived safely and thank you for worrying!

Merry Chtristmas everyone!

barman said...

Merry, merry.

Akelamalu said...

Just popped over to wish you Happy Holidays. x

amadeus45 said...

How about this, imagine it's 1926, there are no "web-bars" and it's just you and the big man for the remainder of your journey. You must focus all your attention on living . . . without technology, that is. And considering your location, that shouldn't be too hard.

Feel free to completely disregard this suggestion ;-) -SSS

Hobbes said...

Happy holidays to you too. Sounds as if you are having them!

cathy said...

merry christmas susie

Anonymous said...

MERRY XMAS suse and gary...!!!
hope you guys are having a ball out there...i'm currently recovering from yet another night on the town...!!! (^_^)

can't wait to see some pics...!!!

sis said...

Merry Christmas, Sister, Miss you lots.Happy Happy to both of you. Love Sis