Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Greetings Earthlings!

Hurray! I am a citizen of the world! Thank you, Lime!
So I felt like I oughta list some reasons why I am that....
I was born in Eritrea
I lived in Alaska for three years
I have been to 27 airports, half of them being "overseas"
I call being out of the country, "overseas" (that is a military damage issue)
I am about to go to India for my fifth time. Five, that's PANCH, people!
My passport is full of fun stamps!
My closet is full of clothing from around the world, no JC Penney for me!

Ok, I am out of reasons, but did you know that on my second trip to India, I was stuck in Singapore airport for two days, sleeping on the benches, eating nothing but water and granola bars, watching soldiers with uzis patrol the airport? Why didn't I stay in a hotel you ask? The US dollar just doesnt go very far in Singapore, and I had a month to go in India. I was not going to spend half of the money in my wallet just to sleep in a Singapore hotel, when I knew that money would last me weeks in India.
I must now award Logo with a Citizen of the World button and here is why:

When Logo was a young mother of her two and five year old boys, her husband was sent to Italy for his military job. It couldn't have been easy, raising two young sons in unfamiliar territory, a different language, foods and customs.
She also spent some time in Greece during that three year stay in Europe. Anybody that has raised kids in a foreign country, consider yourself awarded as well!

Here is your award Logo, feel free not to comment! ; )

2 India

PS Lime, how do I put this on my sidebar?


Queenie said...

Congratulations on your award,you deserve it. Safe trip to India, looking forward to reading all about it.

lime said...

yay! i actually forgot about your eritrean roots and the singapore story. i'd have done the same though.

logo is definitely a world citzen too.

as for the sidebar thingy you need a flickr or photobucket type account...at least as far as i know...

G-Man said...

Citizen of the World!
Very appropriate as well!
Have a safe trip Susie..