Wednesday, January 14, 2009

As you all know, I am looking forward to getting back to India! It is going to be my quickest trip ever, just 17 days from start to finish. I wish I didn't have to rush, but that is the way it goes this time around. I have been thinking about all the people that I am NOT going to have time to see this year.

I will miss Kish and Mamu this year because to Mangalore I am not going.

Believe it or not, even after last years hair greying adventures in Jaipur, I am so sad that I won't have time to see Aslam and his neighbors which all happen to be related to him.
I will miss hanging out in Abduls drum shop in Hampi.

And I wont have time to see Ramesh and his cousin, Ramesh.

I will miss Varsha too.
...and even Sushma and Mahesh....(yes Mahesh and I are drunk in this picture, so what?! :P)

I won't even have time to rendezvous with Ronaldji on the Delhi-Agra Highway! Sigh.........
Have a lovely day!


lime said...

awww, what a bummer. i hope it's good though no matter where you go and who you see.

that picture of mahesh is hilarious. you still look sober but yeah, mahesh is totally wasted.

Breazy said...

how long will you be staying in India this time Susie?

I hope you have a good trip even though you won't be taking your regular tour.

Have a great day!

Seamus said...

Wow! It's India time again? Didn't you just get back? ;) Sux the time will be so short.

G-Man said...

...You prolly got Ronnie Drunk as well. Or maybe he helped you take out the garbage????

barman said...

Ah Ramesh and his other cousin Ramesh.

Sorry, reminds me of the Dick Newhart Show where they had Larry and his brother Darrel and his other brother Darrel. I guess you had to be there.

OK, now how about all that you WILL be able to do. You will still have a wonderful trip. I hope with a few less unhappy surprises.

Tick, tick, tick ... the clock is ticking.

G-Man said...

Susie Dear....I'm UP!
( I just love saying that )
You know, you shmoozed me into the 55 thing, you could at least read one once in a while...:P

G-Man said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah, busy busy.
I just need you to visit me on Friday thats all..
Or any other day you can add your brilliant wit and amazing beauty to my world!....G

Mojo said...

Ya know... somehow my heart just ain't breaking here. I know, I know... you've got friends you want to see, but think of this poor gora who's never been able to see any of it!

BTW, did you catch my birthday party for Mona ji?

On the good side, I just last night heard from the organizers of our local Diwali festival and found out who the photographer was that took those two shots in Benaras that stopped me in my tracks. And he's given rights to the local folks to make prints! So if Mohammed can't afford to go to the mountain...

TorAa said...

17 Days? That's a looong time.
But I understand, you need lot's more to discover India, even though you have been ther several times before.

You are free to take my Friday Fin Challenge

barman said...

When you are back I think you should reshoot your picture by the white building. Then add a real large canary (or maybe Big Bird from Sesame Street) on top of the building looking at you. This is in keeping with your playing with the what is large is small, what is small is large.

Boring said...

I love people pictures, all these people look like very awesome people too.

Polt said...

I'm not sure which is Ramesh and which is the cousin, but if I were you, I'd MAKE time to see the guy on the left, cause he's a hottie. :)