Saturday, January 17, 2009

30 Second Movie Review

This film is fabulous!
The music is powerful.
The colors, wow.
Must see it now.
Thanks, Mike.


lime said...

i have wanted to see it since it came out but it's not showing around here.

TorAa said...

we have to wait.
Until released overe here.

G-Man said...


S said...


barman said...

All right, is this a mushy love story, chick flick? It better not be.

We have two major movie houses here, I looked at the one I have been to many time and it was not there ... but it was at the other one. The trailer looked interesting.

By the way, every time I come here it seems like I learn something new. Well I was watching a movie an learned about someone I should have known about. It is kinda like musical Monday on my blog. Hey it is a beginning.

So India who wants to be a millionaire? We shall see.

~Tim said...

I saw it a couple weeks ago and have been recommending it to everyone. I really like it.