Monday, January 12, 2009

Musical Monday and Whatnot

~from my front porch, 6 am~

Wow, would you believe it? We are having a warm spell in California and for the past 2 days, we have enjoyed temps in the high 60's. I knew today was going to be especially awesome when I went outside at 3 am and it was almost balmy. Ok, I said almost, but there was a warm breeze, a full moon, and I didn't fall on my butt on the frosty deck either!
Today is gonna be swell, a high of 70 expected, no snow or rain in sight. You cannot move here, you will hate it. We are all too weird in California for you.
In other news, Little Rita is still crutching along. On Wednesday she gets another Xray to see how it's healing and then the doctor will decide if she can start putting weight on that foot yet. She is eyeing her 3" dance heels and I told her, forget those for awhile. Poor gal, by the time she gets off these crutches, she will have outgrown those shoes.
We have been watching lots of tv to pass the time, and have just finished season 4 of Project Runway, the one where Christian, the annoying little fag, wins. Now, while I do think he is/was incredibly talented, he was also a totally arrogant little shit during the show, so while I am happy that he won, I do hope he has grown up since season four aired. I have no idea how many seasons behind I am.
We have also been watching Survivor, the one with Richard Hatch, loved it! He did deserve to win, pity he's in jail now for tax evasion. What a big dope. We watched the very first Amazing Race, and that was totally awesome too! We have a lot of catching up to do! Next up, Survivor Australia.
Now while most of you might think Project Runway would be my choice of reality show to be on, truthfully, I would much prefer to be on Survivor India, or Amazing Race, India! Hee could, you know, start out by being dumped into the Arabian Sea with only cans of water and some dry chapati mix...I would fare pretty well once I got ashore. I know I could never the handle the pressure and cutthroatness of Project Runway but I wouldnt mind being the older hippie gal that makes the rice and sews some castaway clothing for the bunch on Survivor! I'd be that one trailing behind in the races, except for when they needed a teeny agile thing, I would then come in quite handy! (Like that time they had to thread a person through a ropes course, I really want to do that!)

You KNOW I cannot wait to get to India but for today I am celebrating California! Enjoy.



barman said...

Ah the origional Survivor. I of course had a thing for Colleen Haskell. I just likes the personality more than anything. Not a fit for that kind of show but still. I watched her movie she made, The Animal, and then she faided out of existance. Probably just as well. Richard did play the game well but he will probably be killed by the way they play the game now.

I watched one and a half seasons of the Amazing Race. I loved it until this one couple (more specifically the woman) made it so I could not stand watching the show. She kept whining and saying she was quiting expecially in the last three episodes. She said she quit over, and over, and over, and over again in the final episode. Guess who won??? Yep, they won. It was at that point that I decided the show was fixed and I refuse to watch it or most any reality show since.

Now when I say it was fixed I should be me specific. I do not think they fix who wins. What I think they do (and I even saw this in the first Survivor with Jarvis) is look at all the footage and edit it in such a way to make you love our hate people. They made me hate that lady and I do not really hate people.

I tried other reality shows like American Idol and I can not stand the voting. The Trump show but it was to commercial and not enough good things, ... In gerenal I just do not do reality tv.

Wow those temps sound fantastic and I think I could take a little bit of weird. We are weird here in Michigan too. We will be slipping below 0 several days this week and one or two of the days will not make it out of the single digits. We are expecting up to 10 inches of snow before Wednesday is over. Yep, I could take a little but of weird.

I Lil Rita were to wear the one 3 inch dancing shoe it would probably be level with that moon boot she has to wear. That would be a saftey thing you know.

I love that photo. That is very nice.

I vote for Amazing Race, India! Now even I would watch that.

barman said...

I'm sorry, I did not realize I typed that much... :(

Fortress Guinness said...

i hate reality tv period and i don't know any of those names anyway (of course)...

sorry to hear about LR's foot...poor thing, i'm sending hugggggsssss...

it's gonna take me a while to get over that damned photo you posted though, you Royal pain in the arse...!!! ;P xxx

lime said...

60s and 70s....sigh...would you believe 20s and teens?

my favorite season of survivor was when rupert the tie dye guy was on. he rocked. you're going to love him when you get there. after that i stopped watching.

since then i prefer project runway.

Anonymous said...

wow I don't think I've watched that much tv in a long time!!! Haahahhahaha!!! Beautiful Cali! Yes, today in the valley has been wonderful! :D

Seamus said...

We're pretty much addicted to Project Runway around this abode. It is the only "reality show" we tune in to though.

evalinn said...

Wonderful pics! :-)

G-Man said...

I met Rupert in Sturgis in 2005. We were both gassing up our Harley's at the same time, I shook his hand and got a great pic of him. Thats about the same time that I saw you last....