Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Getting the Job Done

I'm not big on politicking on my blog, however, I'm already so gosh darned proud of him, and I am honoured to be going to India this year with Obama as my president and not you know who.


RennyBA said...

.. and you have all the reason to be proud. When you go; have a nice trip and keep us posted (like you use to).

mssolitaire said...

it is nice to actually see a politician working on achieving his goals he said he has. :)

LisaPizza said...

I don't remember who I heard say this on TV, but their statement encapsulated one of my biggest complaints about W and exemplified a basic, non-political reason to be proud of President Obama which was this, "It is so great to have a President who can speak intelligently to represent our country once again!"

I am very proud our our citizens, our election process, the direction our country is headed, and our choice for President.

I am once again proud to be an American!

May you represent us proudly while in India Miss Susie. You-Go-Girl!

G-Man said...

Don't she owe me a 55?
Susie...I'm missin you already!

13messages said...

I am so with you in your thoughts.

Breazy said...

I am proud right along with you Susie. I hope President Obama's hard work in the past week starts shutting the naysayers up.

Have a great day!

barman said...

I do not trust politicians. I hope you are equally as proud in 4 years. He has good intentions but without the support of Congress (which is already proving to be tough) he can not accomplish much. Look at Clinton. Good intentions, Heath Care System, and what happened? nothing.