Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thursday Portrait

When it comes to sewing...I'm out standing in my field.
(hee hee that outstanding in my field joke has cracked me up all my life!)

Have a lovely day!



BTExpress said...

That's a really beautiful dress. What's it look like while your spinning around and around very fast?

Sorry, I got caught up in the moment.

13messages said...

You're a goofball. And an awesome one at that.

S said...

OMG I cant even spin around once and I get dizzy.
You know, this could be interesting blog fodder because Mr Ratburn always tries to get me to spin for these skirts.
Now what happens is after just one or two spins, I start to stumble and stuff. I am not the rolling down the grassy hill, sufi, whirling dervish type. No.

What worries me, aside from getting really dizzy, is, stumbling into the blackberry bushes, thereby ruining the skirt, and getting self all scratched up.


G-Man said...

Not only that, we all know you are 'commando'....:P

lime said...

you are too darned cute, ya know?

mina said...

heheheh you ARE outstanding!

barman said...

Big grins here and what a lovely looking skirt. Commando ... shame G-man... snicker.

Lovely portrait, lovely work. No spinning needed.

G-Man said...

Mistress....I'm UP!!
(I just LOVE saying that)

Mojo said...

Oh geez... between you and G-Man I don't know who's worse!

Okay, okay... I admit it. I laughed.

I'm still envious of your trip, but something did happen to ease the pain a little this week. I found out who took the two photographs I was admiring so much at the local Diwali. Not only that I was able to secure 11x14 prints of said photos for less than $16! And I've got the perfect spot already picked out for them as soon as they arrive.

Mohammed can't afford a trip to the mountain, but Mojo can sure afford 16 bucks to bring the mountain to him! Or in this case the river. And the ghats.

So... did you get dizzy doing the yurt video? I got a little dizzy watching it at one point.

mssolitaire said...

what a wonderful skirt!!!! :) Awesome! Woot 14 days!!!