Sunday, January 04, 2009


LOL it's that pose again!
Do ya like my new skirt?
Today. Sunday, was a good neck day. I am counting on this chiropractic heck being over before I go to India. It has been a month now of off and on neck pain hell. Taking anything stronger than over the counter stuff has resulted in a couple of major barf o rama fests as well. Such fun. Sorry Gman.
In other news, Little Rita tripped while running through the house on New Years Eve and broke a bone in her foot. She is now sporting a black heavy boot cast. I cannot wait to see the medical bills.

Of course we did not know it was broken and so after comforting her, went out for a night of carousing, leaving Little Rita and a friend home alone for 5 hours. By the time we got home her foot was entirely black and blue. Oh man, I felt like a heel (ar ar ar). Now that bootcast is a pretty heavy thing for an 82 pound kid to be lugging around, so school, complete with it's many ramps and classes spread all over the campus will be quite a challenge for my girl. Sigh.

As for India, I am beyond excited and I have decided to extend my trip by two days so that I can get some goodies in Delhi. The treasures that I find in North India are well worth the bit o' extra cash it will cost me to change the ticket. My only regret is that I will be sending Eileen home from Delhi by herself. I am more than feeling bad about that, however, when I presented her with the opportunity to extend her trip by two days and that she would get to see the Taj Mahal, she reminded me that she has a "real job." A what? I am a brat, I know.
Mr Ratburn, Little Rita and I had lots of fun on this winter break. Tomorrow LR starts back to school crutches and all, while Mr Ratburn will enjoy time off til Wednesday.
I am sorry I have not been around to your blogs lately. I am not supposed to be on the computer at all because it's terrible for neck pain....argh!
I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing holiday.
Happy Monday


G-Man said...

I hate puke...And all talk of puke Grrrrrrr.

Tell your cat to get out of the road....

I can see your bra....

G-Man said...


evalinn said...

Happy Monday u too, and hope u all feel better soon!

Photocat said...

Rita sending hugs - this is not good!

Delhi are you crazy...just kidding - Delhi is great but Taj are you crazy...OK just promise you will not stay at our hotel and attempt to order whisky without Karenji to protect you...but we should pay for that tea now??? How exciting!!!!!!

Photocat said...

OH and ice shots video - more amazing that I can stand - LOVE IT

lime said...

i am glad you're improving and certainly hope your neck is all better in time for india. sorry to hear about lil rita, that also sounds much less than fun.

you all get well, ok!

barman said...

Glad you continue to be on the mends. At first I had my doubts. Look at Lil Rita this way, in the past I do not think they had a cast you could take off like that boot. Yes it is heavy. Yes it is huge for someone so tiny. But she will get through it. At leasy she is not somewhere that has snow. Slipery, casts, and crutches do not get along all that well.

I hope this India trip has a little less drama in it this year. While it was interesting reading... well just have a safe extended trip.

Mona said...

O dear, I am so sorry about Little Rita :(