Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bug A Martini?

On todays Tori Tuesday I have snatched this review of Tori's 2004 release, Welcome To Sunny Florida, which is a DVD of a concert in Florida, plus a bonus cd with some special little songs that every Tori fan is sure to love.

Tori Amos's first concert-length live DVD, Welcome to Sunny Florida, is a riveting showcase for the artist's formidable vocal and instrumental chops and preciously off-kilter pop music. Taped on a wet day in September 2003 at West Palm Beach (the final stop on Amos's Lottapianos tour), the show was well performed, stunningly recorded, and lusciously lensed, if too frantically cut. Session ace Matt Chamberlain on drums and the nimble-fingered Jon Evans on bass provide just enough firepower to flesh out Amos's moody micro-epics while leaving sufficient space to keep her voice and keyboards the focus of our attention. Most songs feature brilliantly reworked arrangements, and the band uses the venue's acoustics to heighten the music's magic. Amos, a vital 40, enjoys a reputation as a great live act, and it's easy to see why as she loses herself in song, head thrown back, one hand on the keys of her Bösendorfer grand and the other on an accompanying Wurlitzer.
(If you want to check out a live performance of Tori before you venture out to see her in real life, this dvd is the perfect way to do that!)

Ok, and now my review of the accompanying CD which includes 6 awesome songs that can only be found right here on Scarlet's Hidden Treasures. I have included the lyrics to Apollo's Frock, which is my second favorite tune on the c/d. My favorite, Indian Summer, I reviewed a few weeks back. This c/d is small, but let me tell you, it contains some mighty Tori! This is one of the Tori c/d's that I play the most. It is fresh, beautiful, and I never get tired of hearing it. And, incidentally, word has it on the street, that QL just loves Ruby Through the Looking Glass! Right, QL?

Apollo's Frock

put me back in the cold
I'm going to Antarctica--
it feels like these days,
our old meeting place,
in an LA cafe
or on the Serengeti,
the hunt has not Begun.
cause I am tired of you taking from me
and I have let you eat from the fruits of my tree
I am not the one to turn into a Laurel wreath
for the last time you have crossed my line
you could never see
you could never see
Apollo's frock
was always as beautiful
always as beautiful as
the saddest rainstorm
Apollo your frock
was always as beautiful
always as beautiful
as your sister's
that your light shined on
how can you think you've won
when there can be no winners
the soul has been lost
of the bow and quiver
do you remember
well I remember
amid the clashing of swords
I'm losing you in my rear view
and I have called the Shekhina in
and the ninefold and a few other friends
you and your predators were warned
if the cubs were drawn in
for the last time you would officially
cross my line
you could never see
never see
Apollo's frock


Pirate said...

A martini I shall have.

lime said...

happy tori tuesday!

CyberWarlock said...

I have that DVD/CD myself. It is always wonderful to see her live, even if it's just on the TV screen. She doesn't play the piano so much as make love to it. :) I am amused by the EWF on the DVD though that are like "This is the 30th show I've been to this year". They have nothing else to do? :) Happy Tori Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Must Have MUST HAVE THIS .. :)

S said...

I have to agree with you, CW....those people in that video need to get lives!
And, yes, that is an excellent way to put it, she does make love to her piano...and the bench too! LOL

Rob said...

You are correct!

I do so love my "Ruby..."

*batts his lashes*


Logophile said...

I do love Apollo's Frock, I am going to get out the CD I have of that right now!
Thanks to my favorite Torivangelist

Happy Hiker said...

I have never seen the, Welcome To Sunny Florida, DVD. I will have to check it out. What songs are on it?

S said...

Here is a set list for Welcome to Sunny FLorida if you wanna know....

A Sorta Fairytale
INtelude #1
Cornflake Girl
Bells For Her
Interlude #2
Take To The Sky
Cloud On My Tongue
Interlude #3
your cloud
Father Lucifer
Professional Widow
I cant see New York
Precious Things
Amber Waves
Hey Jupiter

and if that's not enough! The c/d is:
Ruby Through The Looking Glass
Bug A Martini
Apollo's Frock
Indian Summer

Wowwee kazowee