Tuesday, March 21, 2006

my heart is Like the ocean

Originally released in 1992, todays lyrics are from Take To The Sky, a bit of a mysterious song that Tori will only say helped pull her out of a rut after her disastrous first release called Y Kant Tori Read. Alas, since you cannot hear it, you will have to take my word for it, this is one mighty cool song. It has a great beat and is easy to dance to! :P
Where to hear it? Only on the bee side of the Winter single, or in my case, something I um erm stumbled upon online. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Take to The Sky

this House is like Russia
with eyes cold and grey
you got me moving in a circle
i dyed my hair red today
i just want a little passion
to hold me in the dark
i know i've got some magic
buried deep in my heart yeah
but my priest says
you ain't savin no souls
my father says
you ain't makin any money
my doctor says
you just took it to the limit
and here I stand
with this sword in my hand
you can say it one more time
what you don't like
let me hear it one more time
then have a seat while I
take to the sky

my heart is Like the ocean
it gets in the way
so close to touching freedom
then I hear the guards call my name

if you don't like me just a little
why do you hang around
there she goes again
wearing those purple panties
there she goes again
wearing her heart
there she goes again
why do you
take it, take it, take it ...

BTW, the part about the purple panties, sometimes she sings it, more often, not. Not sure why though. Hey, ya know this is the second color of panties that Tori has sung about. Well, actually, first, since this song is older.....so, yeah, purple, then orange knickers, woo hoo! Ok, kid, that's enough....:P


Anonymous said...

she is such an incredible talent.

I love the color purple, I just bought some bath towels in deep purple..she could leave her purple panties in there and I wouldn't even know it.........YES I WOULD!!:)

lime said...

LMAO @ tc's comment! I wanna hear about puce and pomegranite painties with a heavenly blue border. did she write anything like that?

barefoot_mistress said...

Ok people if we are talking panties here, I wanna know what color yours are right now!

Mine are white with colored dots like those little terrible candies that come on white paper!

Logophile said...

Mine are black,
and I think purple sounds better than orange, personally.

bsoholic said...

Mine are... oh wait. Nevermind. :P

CyberWarlock said...

I have boxer-briefs, not panties and they are black, not purple I'm afraid. But happy Tori Tuesday anyway :)

The Village Idiot said...

lycra baby...with a nice multi-layered chamois pad in the crotch..to reduce chafing

snavy said...

LOL Susie!! White ... plain old white...

Happy Tori Tuesday!!

barefoot_mistress said...

C'mon BS, fess up!

Susie is commando! Susie is commando!

Anonymous said...

boxers..mishmash design with blue/dark blue, yellow and light blue..I know I get confused when I wear them.

ummm white panties with red dots..I'm hungry, Mr.Rathburn would you uh....mind?

lecram sinun said...

This has nothing to do with Tori... and everything to do with food. Yeah, with the Indian, Chinese and Malay population growing up... my palate is pretty varied. My absolute fave is ravva dosa... but masala will do in a pinch. :)