Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You could almost drown my waterfall......

Today for Tori Tuesday , I chose this lovely song called Ruby, Through the Looking Glass, which is on her 2004 release, Scarlet's Hidden Treasures C/D included in the Welcome To Sunny Florida DVD/CD set. Tori calls it her "pregnancy song".
As some of you may or may not know, Tori had lost three pregnancies before her little girl was born. This song was written while she was pregnant with Tash. Happily, her daughter was born healthy and is now a lovely 6 year old.
I chose this song today, not because I can relate to her difficult pregnancy thing, although, mine did have it's problems, not because it's one of QL's favorite Tori Tunes, but because I have it stuck in my head and I can't get it out! Damn you, Tori!
Have a lovely Tori Tuesday everyone!

Ruby, Through The Looking Glass

feel a little hand turning inside me
don't you think she feels us fighting
strike me at the root
i won't let you
put her through
what you put me through
when i said --- i wanted it all,
doesn't every woman want it all...
running through the house screaming
girl unstrung you could always play that one
baptized of fire and every beat in the bar
hymns for her
feel her kick me from the inside
when i said ---- i wanted it all,
doesn't every woman want it all...
as a man ---- do you find,
doesn't every boy smoke to cry...
you could almost drown her waterfall
you could almost drown my waterfall
through the Looking-Glass, Ruby sees
things in you
things in me
she won't wanna be
just a little light turning the key
at the root, what i missed...
she will carry
when i said --- i wanted it all,
doesn't every woman want it all...
as a man --- do you find,
doesn't every boy smoke to cry...
feel a little hand


lime said...

oh i like that one , suse. like it lots. thanks for some of the back story too. happy tori tuesday!

Lelly said...

Happy Tori Tuesday...and I'll post again soon, promise! (getting SOOO fed up myself with those HNT pics! :-)

The Village Idiot said...

tori is almost too much for an unaltered idiot to understand

but i have listened to her, searching our catalog and..i can see becoming more hooked...

and its all your fault

CyberWarlock said...

Happy Tori Tuesday :) I hadn't actually seen that pregnant pic before. Is so pretty.

Yasser Rahman said...

I should listen to some Tori i suppose! Not yet heard her

Hmm, Chai Job hay ? I wouldnt mind, but you know what the pays are like right ? :P

And your niece..Why on earth would it be a problem if shes not Indian! ;) My first gf used to live in Canada...LOL and the last person ive been in 'love' with was a brit...Proper white girly lol, and more than half my friends aint Indian! LOL , you should introduce me to your niece, give her my phone or msn or email or something LOL

overpriviladged ass ? not me Ma'am...Definatly not me! Im just a simple guy ...not a lie :)

Im turnin 20 soon...FRETTING it LOL

Logophile said...

oooooh, I think I like that one, and I don't think I have it yet.
Will have to go listen to some Tori since it is Tuesday.

Adeleigh said...

tori tori tori... Nice pcitures (by that i really mean just the first one) I like her pictures. Tori is a real weirdo though.

barefoot_mistress said...

Note to self:
Send Logo a copy of Scarlet's Hidden Treasures....'

Make some Tori for Yasser, and introduce him to my niece.

Make some Tori for Idiot and Lelly Lelly Lemon Jelly

Solitaire said...

Prolific and beautiful... I need to listen to more tori!

Pirate said...

you know you are driving me to love Tori don't you.

Yasser Rahman said...

well! For the tea person, the pay is Rs.1500 per month..or 50 bucks a day...thats just over $1

:S Im not sure if your game for that ;)

Im getting myself some tori tomorrow!

Lily said...

oooh I like that one too. I had it... until that awful day when I DELETED almost all of my music. Who's the idiot?

Anyway... it's ok... I can hear her singing it in my head. Over... and over again. damn

damn you woman!

barefoot_mistress said...

I can see I'd better get busy with the Tori CD's. You all need to be converted!

Yasser, may I suggest Scarlet's Walk/ Tori Amos? It goes perfectly with India!

snavy said...

That is the perfect song for my mood the last couple of days. I've been reflecting on my pregnancy and the birth of the twins - been doing a lot of happy crying. Do I have this song???

Ty Susie!! Happy Tori Tuesday!!

barefoot_mistress said...

Note to self: Make Scarlets Hidden Treasures for everyone! LOL