Friday, August 10, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday

Cootie Tag

Chasing Barty through the field, Jenny dodged thistles and knee high grass.
Her hair caught in the weeds, her heart pounded against her chest, yet still she managed to catch him. "You're it!", she hollered and grabbed his plaid shirt, spinning him around.
Her left hand smacked Barty in the mouth, and his tooth fell into his hand.

Sorry Ive been such a flake lately. I will try to be more responsible. If you want to know more about 55 Flash Fiction, go here. Let me know if you played, and I will come over and check it out. Might be nice if you all then go check each other out as well!

Thank you G~man for covering my ass, sir!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


Rebicmel said...

Hi my flash is up lol neener g-man you may have been first to post, but I was first here wahahahaha

Rebicmel said...

That is a great 55. Boys afraid of girls until they grow up and start chasing them

Logophile said...

I LUFF it!

J Morgetron said...

Hello you fabulous flake! My FF55 is up!

I will go on the 55 tour after school today!

I remember playing cootie. Did you ever get a cootie shot?


G-Man said...

Susie, it's always an honor to help you out.
Covering your ass?
How lucky could anything be?
Great 55!!
Your the Queen!!..xoxoxo

barman said...

It about killed me but I got a flash up for this week. Cooties, ah fun times, fun times. But ouch!

Irish Mama said...

Too funny. I was that girl when I was a kid!

And my 55 is up!


MONA said...

naughty girl Susie! I bet that they all called you jenny when you were young...

I got mine up too! :)

Snow White said...

Mine is up, such that it is. Loved yours... a nice reminder that the school year looms near! Happy Friday!

Ambre said...

I liked this because it is quirky and that how I can best describe myself!


my first 55 is up...

lime said...

i hope the tooth fairy was good to barty

Breazy said...

Hey Susie! How are you? All is well here. Sorry I haven't been by, I haven't forgot you but things have been very busy here plus I went out and found myself a job. I am tired of sitting at home so I will be working at one of the local hospitals starting the 20th.

When I saw the pic you have posted for the 55 I almost cried. I spent two hours getting all my daughters patches, numbers and other stuff on to her Girl Scouts vest.

have a good weekend!

Sophia said...

Hahaha..that's funny! I did my first flash 55 today.

TorAa said...

Looks like they can be rookies for next years Monaco Ball. Or what?

RennyBA said...

55Flash Fiction or not, I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Btw: I am so excited and almost shaking! I know you love good music so now I can invite you to A Rockin' Bigger Bang and how I captured it with my Nokia multi media tool:-)

J Morgetron said...

Hey Boss ... How does one score one of those sweet FF55 buttons for one's own blog? If you feel so inclined to allow me to advertise for you for free, email me the code at


jadey said...

Hi my flash 55 is up

snowelf said...

Hey Susie, sorry I'm late.

I love yours so much this week!!
I was always kinda scared of the boys when I was little. :) Not so much anymore. hehehehe