Monday, August 13, 2007

I See You There With The Rose In Your Teeth...

Image hosting by Photobucket. For this weeks Musical Monday selection I have chosen Leonard Cohens Famous Blue Raincoat, the Tori Amos version. This is an excellent sounding vid, however, the end of the song is missing, but I thought the quality was worth the tradeoff. Tori baby, you know you rock my world.
Then if you dare, another lovely Leonard Cohen tune called Tonight Will be Fine, performed by Teddy Thompson, who, BTW is the son of Richard Thompson. This man has an awesome voice, I hope you will enjoy it.
And then, since this is WDKY's game, I thought I oughta do more like him and explain why I chose these songs. Well, you see, it's like this...., just go on and watch em! Bad enough some hosers gonna come along about now and accuse me of liking "mellow music", right G~man?
Have a lovely Monday!

Famous Blue Raincoat

Tonight Will Be Fine

Oh! And before I go, Logo has reminded me that today is International Left Handers' Day! So go out there and give all those lefties you know a big hug and a handshake with your left hand. That does include me, of course. Yes, yes, I AM a lefty, it's true.


WDKY said...

I don't know... you got closer (than with Rufus) with this one, but to substitute LC with Tori... I'm shocked and disappointed, Susie. You deserve a good spanking, to be honest, but this isn't one of those spanking blogs... yet ;-)

MONA said...

that Tori is a rage here too. & we have the song Delilah on the no 1 at out Forty and forty list in India!

Tori is a rage here nevertheless!

Nick said...

I have always loved Cohen, and Cohen covers.

Have you heard I'm your fan? Whole album of covers by alternative bands

Logophile said...

OK, so Im not a big country fan so Ive never really listened to Teddy but I LOVED that!
LC is a great starting point, ya know?
Lovely choices, Lefty LaRue

S said...

Excuse me while I go kick WDKY's ass for dissing Tori.

lime said...

oh i really loved tonight will be fine! wonderful.

and happy lefthanders day ya southpaw!

G-Man said...

Of course I can't hear this...But I've been diggin Leonard Cohen for 40 years...
I'm sure it's very cool!
Galen xoxox