Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What's New, Pussycat?

Excuse me, but isn't that Susie's computer?
Don't worry Oaty~Sue, by this time next week, we'll have the entire house back to ourselves once again!

That's right just you and me and my computer. Why yes, I know I have a junky desk. Go ahead and click for biggen, and you can see all the weird stuff I have strewn about my desk. I already looked, theres nothing incriminating.

Oh for crying out loud. Try not to look so excited about all this back to school nonsense, eh Oaty?
Have a lovely week, people!


Logophile said...

Are those right-handed scissors I see on your desk??
Love the desktop though.
Oaty, WAKE UP, dang it, soon you will have the place to yourselves, do you have any idea how exciting a concept that IS??

Keyser Soze said...

>Someone has to keep you in line >sir!

Mmmmm, yes, please.

>this 4'8" thing...seriously >spinnable

Mmmmmm spinnable. My favorite.
I'm only 5'9" so I likes 'em tiny.

Nice desk

lime said...

lol, hey, yo ucan actually see the top of yoru desk which is more than can be said of mine.

great shot of oaty

RennyBA said...

Hey, how could anyone gasp or yawn on your puter or in front of your screen with so much exciting things going on there????????????

Earl said...


jillie said...

LOL...By the looks of it, your cat seems to have about as much ambition as I do!!

G-Man said...

That cats more high-tech than me!!!
Hi Susie-Cue, I know i've been bad, sorry...

WDKY said...

Mmmmm... lovely pussy.

(Sorry. No, really.)

barman said...

Who you kidding. You think it is your computer and your house but your kittie there is the REAL owner.

Oh and the desk ... I just see a creative mind at work is all.

bsoholic said...

There is prolly an I can has cheezburger quote that would compliment the last picture perfectly... I just cannot think of it...