Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So Here I Am In This Uniform, This Pantsuitish Sorta Thing, Lookin At the Art Teacher....

Recently, I had to take Little Rita out for some school supplies. Man, what modern stuff they have these days! Everything comes in pink, purple, neon green, glow in the dark, you name it, they got it.
Anyway, that got me thinking about some of the school supplies that we had when I was growing up. Nothing too fancy, just your basic stuff such as that number two pencil over there, freshly sharpened to release the aroma of cheap pencil wood.

Or this black and white composition notebook. Perfect for taking notes, or just doodling while the teacher rambles on and on about equilateral triangles. I was quite the doodler in school, filling all the margins and backsides of my papers with important scribbles. Well hey, I already knew all about equilateral triangles!

Who can forget the PEE CHEE folder and how much fun it was to doodle all over that thing as well. We used to get them for as little as 10 cents a piece. (I'm older than you, ok?)
There were certain things you had to do to the pee chee to make it cool and one of them was this:

We used to write "Love is Pee~Chee but sex is an all season sPORTfolio" We all knew SO MUCH about sex of course! LOL

And then, last but not least, the Pink Pearl eraser. I saw the most fun film on Mr Rogers Neighborhood once, where they showed how these erasers are made. What fun, I'm telling you! Why, I think just working all day with that color of pink would be just a ball!

Ok kids, now, can you believe it that I am so old, that in my elementary school, teachers were allowed to spank us if we were naughty? It's true. I had this horrible 2nd grade teacher, who, if one student misbehaved, would then make us all stand up and she would smack our bottoms with a ruler. Oh man, if I could relive that school year, I would have snatched that ruler right out of her hand and wacked her right back with it!
So now, tell me about your favorite old school supplies, or some school tale, and do have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

Ok, Lime's comment has reminded me that I forgot crayons! Is the 8 pack in the proper rainbow order for you, Lime dear?

crayons by Pete Goldlust

And then, I found these babies while googling the proper rainbow ordered 8 pack for Lime


Logophile said...

Awww, you cute little trouble maker.
I was always perfectly well behaved myself.
*innocent eye flutter*
School days, school days...

barman said...

Oh man, just a ruler? I once got in trouble because a bully decided I was fun sport and would not let me alone. So I ended up more or less yelling out in class to leave me alone. That got us both in trouble and also got me my first and ONLY paddling. Talk about not fun and an eye opening experience for a more or less goodie two shoes.

OK, supplies sound similar. I think there may have been a ruler in there somewhere and possibly pencil pouch or something but other than that, very similar.

Wait there was one special supply. We more or less needed to get a calculator for one of my classes. Back then a calculator that only did the basic math, had a memory and, oh my, did square root cost about $80. That thing ate 9 volt batteries about every 4 hours. I used to plug it in every chance I could to keep from killing another battery. Now a days you can get a very thin calculator that will go for years on a battery (or maybe even be solar powered) that can do everything and, with some, even butter your bread.

But other than the calculator, basically the same supplies. Oh and ah yes the smell of the pencil and, yes the smell of that eraser. Ah good times ... for the most part. But we did not have PEE CHEE folders... :(

snowelf said...

Hi Susie!!

I was a member of the Trapper Keeper generation and I remember how SUPER cool it was to have one--and the plastic smell it emitted, and the quest to find one with the "coolest" folders. Mechanical pencils were also right up there! Of course, these days, that's all I use for class, but no Trapper Keeper for me! ;)


MONA said...

I loved to doodle too. once I drew a skeleton & wrote below it " I am maths" The maths teacher caught me & has the notebook passed all around to show what I thought about the subject!

lime said...

LOL, i never had pee-chee folders btu tha tis pretty funny. what a walk down memory lane.

i was always very fond of my brand new box of 8 crayola crayons. i loved the nice pointy tips and the bright colors and i could doodle all over with those babies. but i was really a bit OCD about them. I hated when people peeled them naked and when putting them away they HAD to go in rainbow order. I really wanted to set everyone straight. you just cannot put the yellow crayn next to the black crayon...it's not right!!!

Breazy said...

I remember the pencils and the mead composition books but I never used the Pee-Chee folders. I always did use the Pink Pearl erasers though and I buy them for my kids too, actually I have several of them to my left in a little supply drawer I keep to replenish the kids school supplies through out the year.

You must not be that much older than me because they spanked us in school too, as a matter of fact I started and finished my elementary years off right, in Kindergarten I got a paddling then I got another one in eight grade. The school I went to was k-8 so we didn't do the middle school thing.

Hope you have a lovely week !

Nick said...

Those last crayons make me wish I were high.

MONA said...

WOW! Crayons are my favorite stationary! I LOVE LOVE LOVE crayons & paints in any form!

Thanks for showing is those wonderful looking crayons Susie!

Amber said...

I grew up with Five Star and trapper keepers. I remember Mon used to get me Pee Chee's and say "wow pee chee's" and I was like "lame". Now I get thoses new plastic folders that have 3 x 5 card holders and "stay put flaps", they are industructable. I also have a scientific calculator compared to the four function calc I used in grade school. Remeber when erasable pens came out, everyone had to have one. That totally takes me back the the day of slap bracelets and hypercolor t-shirts.

barman said...

I protest. Indigo? What happened to Blue. Stop tossing in those fancy colors. Us men folk are lost enough as it is.

G-Man said...

OK, I used to LOVE the smell of that white gunky glue that was in that small jar..It smelled like wintergreen, and I was always tempted to eat it, but I never did...
I did though used to smear Elmer's Glue all over my hands and let it dry, and then peel it off!!
When I was in school, they had Slide-Rules!!

LisaPizza said...

My freshman year in High School-1976, I had a denim covered 3-ring binder with the back pocket smack in the middle of the front cover. I thought it was THE coolest. Pee-Chee is a California phenomenon, so I didn't see them until in HS, and thought they were ugly flashbacks to the 50's. In grade school I had a Casper the ghost lunch box with a real metal & glass thermos. One of my friends had a Mattel Thingmaker and we would hot mold these funky characters with which you could decorate the tops of your pencils. I loved the smell of rubber cement, too. But the smells I remember the most from school are chalkboard dust and mimeograph ink!