Monday, August 20, 2007

And when the sun comes up, I'll be on top....

Image hosting by Photobucket A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me what I thought was the best song ever recorded. Wanting to be spontaneous with my answer, but still being sure to select a most excellent and tasty song, here is what popped into my head.

96 Tears by Question Mark and the Mysterians.

Let me tell you, this is a tasty little tune, and if you are wondering...what? This isnt Rufus, OR Tori, Leonard Cohen, or Bally Jagpal, so, what gives? Let's just say I have lotsa musical influences, ok, and I have been carrying this tune around with me like an old friend ever since I first heard it.
I do believe this was the only successful release for this one hit wonder of a band!

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy it, and the super cool ancient video that I found of The Mysterians in their 60's finery.
Have a lovely week, everyone!


WDKY said...

Good choice, sexy. Although I'm completely and utterly amazed that you've actually heard of anyone other than the aforementioned :-)

Happy MM x

Tutu said...

Oh my, that takes me back too many years. That organ opening brings back many memories.

Logophile said...

Good one!
Those clothes are killing me

lime said...

i'm going to be hummin gthis and bopping to it all day. heheheh

barman said...

Love it. I did not remember it until I heard it again. But yep, a nice little gem indeed.

Keyser Soze said...

I'm crushed you didn't model the panties and at your new sexy weight too!

I can't believe you called me on my list! It was "Suggested requirements"!!! And everything on there was a huge range! Not only that not one of those was a deal breaker! Except maybe the STAY married part. Geez! LOL

It's not as though I was asking for particular measurements or something LOL

Nice to read you again. I've been busy as you can probably tell. I like your suggestion though. Manifest it! Why didn't I think of that! Thanks Susie!