Tuesday, October 23, 2007



Yes, my daughter is perhaps stranger than I am. We love her anyway. You know, back in the oldddd days, I used to tell Mr Ratburn that if we ever got around to having kids, that I wanted just one perfect girl, and that is exactly what I got. By the way, LR informed me that my ONE teeny interruption in her video has "ruined it!" Sheesh! Like I said, we love her anyway.....

Interesting Facts About Little Rita

1. She has had two sets of supernumerals, thats extra teeth for you non orthodontia aware people, and yes, it has been expensive, which explains the braces and the orange and black rubberbands she has on for Halloween...her teeth are NOT black, honest. (Because of her extra teeth, we also called her "sharky" for awhile, but now were down to the right amount ofmissing two at this point!)

2. She is a lefty like her mom. I'm so proud.

3. At 11 years old, is just 3" shorter than her mom. (yikes!)

4. Her shoulders are already the same width as mine.

5. Little Rita was born 8 weeks premature and weighed 3 pounds.

6. Here's the part where I get to be supermom because essentially had I not noticed that her fetal movement had completely stopped at 7 months, rushed into the hospital and discovered a very tangled in umbilical cord baby girl needing to be born immediately, she would not have lived more than a few more hours. Yes, I did save her life, and that's the beauty of maternal instinct, isn't it? (I dont use that as a guilt thingy, but sometimes it's tempting)...for ex: "Be happy I got you outa there when I did, kiddo....."

7. Little Rita is an excellent student, plays volleyball, loves cats, and hates soda pop! (HURRAY, says mom).

8. Little Rita plays the clarinet, and likes drama.

9. Little Rita once donated 13" of her hair to Locks of Love.

10. Little Rita wants to be a teacher when she grows up, like Mr Ratburn.

Have a lovely day, everyone!


LisaPizza said...

Happy Birthday! Little Rita! I just donated my 13 " ponytale too, and I plan to blog about it soon. Did you get any fun presents? I hope so.

WDKY said...

Happy Birthday to Little Rita, who sounds like a gorgeous girl... (extra) teeth or not. And that accent...

You know she's going to be even madder than you, don't you, Susie?

lime said...

a very happy birthday to not so lil rita!

what a wonderful young lady you have miss susie.

oh, and may i have a muffin please? non-banana, non-plastic if you don't mind...

Mina said...

Happy Birthday Little Rita. Awww you must be so so proud S!

Logophile said...

I want some paper towel muffin

snowelf said...

Happy Birthday Little Rita!

She is truly a little miracle Susie!!


Bsoholic said...

Happy Birthday Little Rita! :D

Fortress Guinness said...

hey mad person...!!! A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM UNKLE FG...!!!

suse...she is seriously off her cake, you know this don't you...??? lmao...:-P (i hope you get the muffin connection there...)

actually, i think she's seen far too many Cyndi Lauper vids on MTV or something equally affecting...!!!

G-Man said...

Happy Birthday..
Little Rita...

~Tim said...

She's a doll! I'm sending a virtual cake with virtual trick candles that she can't blow out.

RennyBA said...

Soooooo sorry I'm late, but Happy Birthday to Rita (not little anymore mum!!!) all the way from Norway :-)