Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Of Perfect Grilled Cheeses and Shoes....

Look ma, I didn't burn it this time!
Pepperjack and American on buttermilk bread, yummm! I know, American cheese is not so good for you, but I LOVE IT! My family thinks i'm crazy for eating that cheese, but I just can't help myself. Besides, around here when you like a food that the Ratburn and Little Rita don't enjoy, you might even get something to eat every now and then.
In other news, i'm a volleyball mom....do I have to buy a mini van now? Ok, you oughta see that kid slam that ball over the net! I am so proud. I just love the confidence and teamwork that sports brings out in kids.
Now, I'm gonna tell you a little secret about me....in my entire life I have never once hit a volleyball over the net.
You already know about me being the last person picked for sports teams in PE (always!) and all that, so it ought to not come to much of a surprise that LR's athletic talents amaze me. How do people make their bodies cooperate with volleyballs, soccerballs, basketballs? I just will never understand that.
And then there's SHOES.

Have a great Tuesday.


Seamus said...

So...have you kicked any volleyballs over the net with your SHOES!!!????? ;)

WDKY said...

I don't believe for a minute that you made that yourself... you had help, didn't you???

So... do women like shoes or something?

lime said...

way to go lil rita! my dear you were a dancer, were you not? that takes a lot of cordiantion to do well and requires athleticism. maybe youweren't so much for team sports as a kid but you must have had some ability to do that as long as you did.

and no, you are not required to dirve a minivan. hehehehe

Logophile said...

Interesting vid (snicker snicker)
Volleyball was once upon a time my most favoritest sport :D

snowelf said...

I ALWAYS burn grilled cheeses. And pancakes. At least one side. I start off great...and then...not good. Luckily I have developed a taste for burnt. ;)

And no, no minivan required to have mommie pride. I suck at math and my daughter's been doing math in her head since she was 4. I don't know how it happens either??


Little Wing said...

I love cheese and crackers!
Grilled cheese is also great comfort food!!!!
And shoes! Shoes are good!

RennyBA said...

Don't regret your lack of ball talents - you have a lot of others - supporting mom is one of them ;-)

BTExpress said...

One thing I have never figured out is how to cook a proper grilled cheese. That, and why anyone would want a mini van.

G-Man said...

Who made that sandwich?
Not You!!