Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Something I'm working on for someone in Seattle.
Someone really cute hanging out in my yard.

My fortune cookie:
Simplicity and clarity should be your theme in dress.

Oh, you mean like this?

See you later for HNT!


G-Man said...

Holy Shit Susie!!!
...Anyway, Mr. Knowitall answered your 420 question!
See you Thursday!!

LisaPizza said...

I especially like the pink fuzzy hat! It makes you look pimp-a-licious!

lime said...

pretty quilt...but nothing can hold a candle to that outfit you're wearing.

LisaPizza said...

"Simplicity and clarity should be your theme in dress." I like the concept, but don't agree with your interpretation of it.

I'll have to define it using my own wardrobe to elaborate on how I'd interpret it and then post my own picture. I think that you've inspired me to play dress-up today! Thanks!

Charles said...

I'm going to attempt the FFF, this week. Lets hope I don't disappoint too awfully bad.