Monday, October 29, 2007

Men Let Your Wallets Flop Out, Women Open Your Purses....

You're probably going to hate my choice for Musical Monday, so don't even watch it.

I got turned onto the Captain when I was 19, I was living in Orange County at the time. The Captain blew my head right off. Here's the thing about Captain Beefheart, you either get it or you dont. I am proud to be a big eyed bean from Venus, lick my decals off me, baby.

..and here's a little more Don Van Vliet for you:

She serves me flowers 'n yams

'N in the night when i'm full

She brings me white jam

'N I don't know where I am

In the meadow she brings me

Like ah bee she stings me

'N I don't know where I am

Clouds clingin' to us

'N the sun lookin' through us

'N in the night when I'm full

She brings me white jam

'N I don't know where I am

Have a lovely Monday!



WDKY said...

Why would I hate it? Its proper music, sung by a bloke who actually looks like a bloke!


LisaPizza said...

Loverly to listen as usual. You always broaden my musical horizons, and for that I thank you. Have a happening Monday!

lime said...

well, the rufus haters sure can't complain this week. hehehehe.

how can ya not love a guy who calls himself captain beefheart????

S said...

Yes!!! Thats what I wanna hear, people!
Broaden away!!!

Anonymous said...

absolutely fan-bloody-tastic suse..!!! one of THE greatest things ever committed to tape...!!! (^_^) but are you gonna tell the peeps where the name 'Captain Beefheart' came from...??? hee hee...!!! ;)

did i ever tell you that when my kids were little they used to think he was called 'Captain Bee Fart'...??? lmao...!!! tytyty mwah...!!! xxx

S said...

Because I got a Beef in My Heart
About Raygun
About Jelly beans

Tropical Hot Dog night!

G-Man said...

I think White Jam is a metaphor!

Jodes said...

wonderful. how are you S. long time no see.

S said...

LOL @ Gman, you think?