Saturday, September 13, 2008

Golden Delicious

I first saw you pickin' oranges in Orlando,
all day you kept your ladder close to mine... Apple Surfing
You really oughta try it sometime! Incredibly wobbly! (Ok, I know what you're thinking! That is NOT my tummy, it's air! If it was my tummy, I sure as heck wouldn't be posting it!)
Do you like my Jaipuri salwar, Monaji? Lying on a bed of apples feels a little bit...weird!

Photo by Little Rita

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


lime said...

i love your salwar. i was digging on it and wishing i had a groovy one like that.

apple surfing looks like a lot of fun too.

barman said...

Fun pictures but absolutely love the last one. Apple surfing ... I would be the first person ever to have to make a trip to the emergency room because of apple surfing.

Missy said...

gotta love a family that has such a great time apple picking together!! Looks like fun. Your family is truly a delight to read about. It's rare that one has such good things to say about their family.

This kind of looks like what our peach picking month is like here in Oklahoma. This past year was so good, the peaches delicious because of all the rain we got.

You all have a great weekend too Susie.

RennyBA said...

I just love this post about delicious collection, love and family affection. In that way you are a role model for the rest of the world!

Wishing you a great weekend too :-)

Mona said...

what lovely photos!

I love your salwar, but I love the oranges & the apples more!

& the last picture is beautiful!

Susie! I will find out about the salwar suits. I know they are very cheap in Jaipur, but in Agra they hike the price like anything, since it being a tourist spot. Nevertheless I shall find out about both the salwars & the bedspreads & let you know.

BTExpress said...

Apple harvest already? Nice to see family having fun together.

Anonymous said...

lovin the pics and those wellies too suse...!!! ;) xxx

G-Man said...

Love those apples Susie...
Nice and sweet and firm, PERFECT in every way!!
Thank you so much for sharing..:-)

TorAa said...

Lucky you, that have Apple trees this hight. We have some very old ones. We wait for the Apples to fall down by free will - not riksing our legs and other delicate parts of our bodies. LOL