Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Neener, Neener!

Sometimes it pays to pester Crayola.com! My three faithful readers will remember that I went on hot pursuit after the Electric Lime crayon when I discovered that it was not included in my 96 pack. If you want the Electric Lime, you're gonna have to splurge a little! It's in the 120 and 150 pack! Ta da!!!!! Fancy spiraling up carousel container! Now, what did those Crayola people do after that inquiry? They sent me a coupon for $8. off any Crayola purchase! Not, 50 cents, not a dollar, eight big ones, people! I thought that was pretty cool. Yes, of course Little Rita put them in color order!
So now we have no less than 246 brand new sharp crayons, what could be better than that?
Going to the Crayola factory of course! I can dream, can't I?
Have a lovely day!


Mona said...

WOW! what an array of colorful display!

ELECTRIC LIME! The Queen of all colors!


Missy said...

WOOHOO that is fantasticolorful! I love the crayon caddy! Makes me want to go out and purchase a box of crayolas and a coloring book :)

barman said...

See that, I think you started a Crayola crayon craze. Pretty soon they are going to wonder why the sale of crayons has been on the rise.

Looking mavelous for sure. And yet another Electric Lime crayon. We are going to corner the market.

lime said...

ooooh, did it come with that uber cool carousel too? lil rita makes my heart go pitty pat in pride for her ordering of colors.

Polt said...

LOVE the display case!

I was AT the Crayola museum in January in North eastern PA. Unfortunately, they are closed one week a year: the first week of January. Which is exactly when we were there. :(


storyteller said...

Congratulations on your perseverance and success with Crayola! You remind me of my older sister who sticks with a thing until she gets what she wants … consistently! There’s a ‘perseverance’ award in the sidebar at Small Reflections that you’re welcome to ‘snag’ and enjoy with my compliments … if you choose. Of course, it’s possible the crayons themselves are reward enough?
Hugs and blessings,

Liquid said...

I love crayons!
Pleasure to have found you!


Mona i agree with u 100 percent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its better then any colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!111