Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday Portrait

Hello, and welcome to Hampi! I am squinting my right eye because my hair is not covering it! You know how I am. Since my life is pretty boring right now what with sewing and ....sewing...and more sewing, I thought I'd dig into some archives this week. In case you can't tell, I am hot, and starved half to death in this picture after the train ride I am about to show you part of. I think I look half cute when I'm suffering!

Gary took this video in the middle of the night on the train to Hampi. Check out the snoring on that ji!

You all know what this is by now!

Some of the cutest school kids! Imagine attending school in this centuries old city among the ruins of Vijayanagar!

A quick colorful glance!

Where I find out suddenly that Rameshji is married!

My little friend Varsha reading Green Eggs and Ham while I chew my cud apparently!

Gary and Abdul played drums for hours.
I hope that was more exciting than sewing.
Have a lovely day!


barman said...

You said you were HOT! hehehehe

Good times and bad times all rolled into one. Life will never be boring with your pilgrimage.

Sewing ... hey I have this one button I need sewed on... LOL

lime said...

that was awesome, suse. varsha was too cute for words. ah the culture crossing joy that is dr seuss!

Anonymous said...

That's just super cool.

xoxoxo mina

lecram said...

Wonderful travelogue! Cheers!

Seamus said...

It's nice to dip into the past when things get boring, huh?

Yep, Boyle is one of my fav reads - I did like "Drop City" best so far - seems close to home!

BTExpress said...

Traveling on trains like that is not my idea of fun. Don't think I'll be going to India anytime soon.

Missy said...

Awesome pics and Vids. Loved the Work in the sidebar!!! You should do some for larger women too.

Polt said...

I dont know about the drumming, but the drummer abdul looks pretty fun. And hot. :)


G-Man said...

You are HOT!!
And I'm UP!!!!!
( I love saying that )

TorAa said...

Very interesting to watch and read about your very different experiences and your wonderful capality of self ironi.
We like it, as we a very curious persons.

PS. If you want to see like "oldies" celebrates in Norway,
start here:

Even blogger friends to be seen.

RennyBA said...

You busy sewing bee; thanks for sharing this in between then - you know I loved following your trip last time.

Btw: I did not hear any snoring - you where talking too laud :lol:

Liquid said...

Oh, is the colored dye for Holi?
I have recently learned of this holiday and I love it!