Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Portrait

For this weeks portrait, may I present a video that Gary took while in Goa last year. Just a little blast of Salcete for you all.

In case you are all wondering, I am not going to India until February this time, so I still have 5 months to wait. I can barely stand it! And now that Gary has tasted India, he is particularly envious this year. (All is going well with my plan to have my family's brains infiltrated with India so that by the time Little Rita graduates from high school, she will be ready for some college in Delhi!)

In other news, I am happy to report that my online store is doing fabulously, my market store is also doing well, and I am just so stoked about that! I once heard someone say that success is one part talent, one part luck, and one part hard work. Honestly, I had to concentrate on the hard work part for a couple years, and it has paid off.

I guess with every good thing there is a price to be paid. For me it has been my online time. When I am online now, I need to be working my online store. I apologize for being lame about commenting.....but you know what? I noticed that a lot of people now have that thing where they can see what you've posted from their own blog, so they don't actually have to come over at all. That's sorta like cheatin' if you ask me. It doesn't do a very good job of showing the visuals. I am all about the visuals.

Yes, it is 9/11....have your moment.
Have a lovely day!


Blissfully Wed said...

I talked about you to a hotel guest the other night. He was from India and I was able to speak knowledgeably about his home thanks to you.

Congrats on all things well with you. You're a hero of mine.

G-Man said...

Susie...No one deserves success more than YOU!!!
You have worked very hard at what you do, and we are all very proud to even know you...G

lime said...

that little girl at the end is too cute for words. glad to hear some success is coming your way :)

Breazy said...

I am happy to hear that your store, online or market is doing well.

I love the little girl that steps in front of the camera to say hi, that was sweet.

Have a beautiful day!

Missy said...

nice! So the countdown begins. :) Part of the fun of a trip is the anticipation.

G-Man said...

hehehehehe...I'm UP!!!
( I love saying that )

Plus read my answer to your question to me on my last post...

G-Man said...

Hehehehe...You Rock!!!
And I've answered again...xo

SignGurl said...

I'm so happy that things are going well for you store. You've worked so hard to get things going and deserve to taste the fruits of your labor.

Anonymous said...

oh wow suse...thats so cool...makes me wanna be there even more...!!! and how cute was that kid...??!!! thanks for sharing...!!! glad all the hard work is paying off too...
oh...and...your t-shirtS (yes plural) will be winging their way to you sometime this week...!!! ;)
speak soon hopefully xxx

RennyBA said...

Didn't know you speaks Indian too - but then again: you really are a globe trotter.

Wishing you a wonderful end to your week.

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi :)
Happy onam.
Nice 2 know that your online store is doing well.