Friday, September 05, 2008

JAPW Alert!

OMG, Joan Wasser is coming to the left coast! I have spent the morning snatching up tickets for her shows. She never comes to this side o the country and now...ack now she is, and I am soooo there!
So here is a little bit of live Joan for you. I might have posted this before, but what the heck.
So, if you're in LA, SF, Portland, Seattle or Vancouver, lookout, Joan is on the way!
And if you are curious about Joan Wasser, you can find her playing with Rufus Wainwright, Antony and the Johnsons, and lots of live stuff over on Youtube.

Of course if you wanna know more about Joan.

Have a lovely weekend!

Pssstt! Do you think Rufus will come to these shows? :P Heeeee heee, one can hope!


lime said...

so how many tickets did you snag?

G-Man said...

This is a Very Strange 55 Susie-Cue!

Have a Great Week-End...G xox

S said...

Oh, is it 55 words, Gman? Lucky me!

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi S
Enjoy a nice week end.
@deepak-Lot of work,still enjoying :):)

RennyBA said...

When she's finished at the left coast, could you send here over to Norway please. She can stay with us for free ;-)

Missy said...

Congratulations Susie! Enjoy her concert when she gets there.

barman said...

Have a blast as I know you will.

Congratulations on the crayons. That is just to funny. See the power of a letter.