Monday, November 10, 2008

Hiya Tex, Where Ya From?

Here it is, the moment all three of you have been waiting for:

Ease up on the linguine!
Have a lovely week!


Breazy said...

Hey Susie, hope your Monday is going good and thanks for sharing the video. :)

lime said...

mel brooks and madeline kahn....what better way to start the week?

RennyBA said...

Great vid - always something to learn for a Norwegian at yours.

Btw: Aint you curious about how Norwegians are treating an American bra? ;-)

BTExpress said...
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BTExpress said...

Rennyba, American bra? Norwegians? I want details!

Not sure I know who that was. I'm of an older generation you know. At least since last Tuesday. Waaaaaaaaa :-(

barman said...

Tony you will never be old PERIOD!

Ahha, I thought so. At least High Anxiety is what research said. I love it, thanks for the clip.

Did you notice that his date got all excited at the whip he did. Could be an interesting night.

G-Man said...

...And they said it wouldn't last!
Good One Suze...:p