Friday, November 21, 2008

Musical Monday on Friday Night

Ok well I have to admit I went looking for the lyrics for this song because I thought they were saying something pretty sexy, in fact, too sexy for it to be playing from my daughters radio in her bedroom! Actually the lyrics are pretty tame, but I wonder if you can figure out what I thought they were saying.... he he!

At any rate, what a cool video by Finger Eleven. Check it out.

Happy Monday, everyone!



TUG said...

I have this song on my playlist. They have a couple of good songs.

TUG said...

oh, perhaps the comment about being on his face?

S said...


C-BAZ & ARTAX said...

This Club will hopefully be close in 3 weeks... But that will be COOL with me!

My favorite line.
Awesome song

barman said...

Oh my, there are so much worse things out there. You obviously are not like me. Since I do not have any kids I do not pay that close of attention to lyrics. I like this song a lot but if you had asked me what it was about you would not have been able to tell you.

I got an Outkast CD (Music Box) once because there were some songs I really liked on there. Then I listed to some of the other songs... big surprise.

Amber said...

No she wasn't a baby, she was 8. But she was my baby, my first baby. She had cancer and I couldn't afford to save her. I had her put to sleep during the surgury cause the dr said that the cancer had spread all over. I am sad that I had to be the one to take her life away and it hurts bad. She was my only kitty. I dont know if I want another one for many years.

barman said...

Amber I know it hurts now but think of it. How much better your kitties life was with you in it and your kittie in your life. Give it a little bit of time but I hope you bring another little into your life sooner than later.

Mojo said...

I love this song. Every time he sings "If your body matches what your eyes can do" I think of meri ♥Urmila♥.

And the line -- I'm pretty sure anyway -- goes "...or your place or my place...". I've listened to it several thousand times, and never got anything about a face from it. Just sayin'... Then again, the connotation of "your place or mine" is suggestive enough on its own.

I saw Finger Eleven with Chevelle and Evanescence a coupla years ago and they rocked just as hard live too. That's my benchmark for separating the great from the merely good.

Amber said...

You are right, I feel I am not ready for another kitty, but there are so many cool cats out there I can help and get to know. We are thinking a hamster or something small next, just cause I still hurt so much. We had many kitties at mom's house come and go, and it hurt but not this much. but this was MY first kitty. Art and I got right away when we got our first apartment. Ive need to get over it though, I have to work tomorrow and I can't be a wreck.

AndyT13 said...

Cool song. I love the portrait of you guys. So awesome!!!! These days I'm back at my old haunt.
The FAIL 9000 was a gag- It's HAL 9000 from the movie 2001 but FAIL :-) BTW check out the new version of !
Big love!

lime said...

i do like this song and i knew EXACTLY what line you were thinking....hehehehe

G-Man said...

You paralize me Susie...:-)

Mona said...

Mojo eats, drinks , sleeps works Urmila :D

LisaPizza said...

"I am imagining a dark lit place, or your place or my place!"

But it got me wondering from the first "hOle...ding on to my drink"

Maybe it's time to get that hearing aid Susie. "Ehh! Whatdya say young whipper snapper?"

But you do know that at least every other boy that hears the phrase "a dark lit place" is thinking between the girls legs. And so is every other Mom apparently!

Innuendo has been alive in musical lyrics since the start of time. And so have witty sexy & suggestive thoughts! Thank God for the subversive powers of rock & roll! If it keeps the action in their minds then perhaps it keeps the action out of their pants for a few more pubescent years.

Kids today could probably teach their parents a thing or two about human sexuality! I am so glad I was very naive up until the day I was no longer. And it was way after the Sex Ed day in 6th grade.

So sorry about Amber's tough choice for her Kitty. But part of being a good Mom to a pet is helping them through the tough times and why have her go through all the post op recovery and pain, if their was only hope of more pain and suffering to come because of the cancer. Tough choice, but I think you made the best choice for your kitty's sake.

LisaPizza said...

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