Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shop Til You Drop!

So, if you are one of those Christmas shopping types, come on over here, we need to have a little talk. Did you know that there is an online place where you can shop for handmade and totally cool items from all over the world without leaving your computer?
I am talking about Now think of Etsy like that other place that starts with an E, except that was especially created as a marketplace for artists to sell their stuff online.
Last year I also did a post about ETSY because I think it's really important. You can get everything you need and never have to leave the house. No mall, no parking hassles, no traffic jams, no gas, no lines, no returning stuff, no Walmart greeter. No slave labor, no sweatshops, no plastic junk that's gonna break tomorrow.
Additionally, you are purchasing an item entirely handmade by the artist, and no middleman!
So this year I did some random searches, and you can clearly see, this isn't the toy aisle at Target!
Here are some cool things that I found today:
clancy the little weirdo
Morticia Handspun Wool Haired Bedhead Doll

There are tons of handmade jewelry on Etsy but what kind of a friend would I be if I didn't share MY friends jewelry shop. Here is my favourite item from her store!
Chained Amethyst

Snowflake Dream Booties

Now you have shoemakers, and then you have shoemakers!
Zerkahloostrah custom retro platform pumps
..and they have lots of other styles, for men too! They get my vote for the best non factory shoemaker on etsy. (You're not supposed to be a factory on Etsy, as everything is supposed to be handmade, but you wouldn't believe some of the stuff that sneaks by the Etsy team!)

Burnin Love Fire Skirt

To heck with JC Penney, eh!

Queen Tiger Maple Pencil Post Bed

Now I think you will agree, we can do well without the mall! Head on over to Etsy and spend some money. I promise you the best service, the nicest and most talented people from all over the world, and terrific gift items in everyone's price range.
Last year Lime found some pretty hilarious stuff on Etsy and so I'm sorta hoping she will do her own search again this year and share what she finds. (HINT HINT)
And in case you haven't already figure it out, I have an ETSY shop too!

Have a lovely day!


Polt said...

Strangely, I'm digging the purple doll thingee...although, since it's purple, perhaps it's not all that strange. :)


barman said...

Mighty nice finds there Susie and nice looking store of your own. I am afraid I do not wear a skirt however. My niece is the only person I could consider buying for but she is so finicky. Do you have anything in pink?

I am sure Lime will do a mighty fine review of unique finds.

lime said...

gee, what little girl wouldn't love morticia? lol

those snowflake booties are just too cute for words!

Kandas - Custom Furniture Consultant said...

I love etsy. I buy even buy my herb tea on etsy now. I just purchased a birthday present for my husband from etsy. It's my new favorite shopping haven. I love it so much I listed some of our custom furniture on etsy (obviously).

Thank you so much for featuring our tiger maple pencil post bed in this post! It was very kind of you!

Mojo said...

Suze... can I call you Suze?

My heroine already took care of bidness with the punkass from last week's chapter... it just took her a while to do it. You're in the middle of a flashback hon'. Had to 'splain how it was she hacked him with a hamsiya and left him for the hyenas.

So if you're lookin' for some payback, regress a coupla weeks to the chapter entitled Inteqam. All the gore you can stand!

lisapizza97 said...

I always love your whimsical dolls! Just wish I had a little girl in my circle to buy one for. Perhaps for my 2nd cousin's second b-day next February?

You are looking mighty svelt in the "Black Fleece Wrap Hoodie Jacket No Fuzz Balls Ever". It should read the most slimming hoodie design on the planet!

You are quite the entrepreneur! Make the bed frame yourself? I wouldn't doubt it? Anyone as crafty as you can do anything she puts her artistic hands to.

Sorry we missed seeing you on your Oct trip to the Southland. But ever so glad to see your posts in blogland.

Breazy said...

I hate fighting the crowds shopping whether it is Christmas or not.

Thanks for the link!

Mona said...

Happy Thanksgiving to Susie & Family! :)