Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I don't wanna hear any excuses. Get off your computer chair and go. It's only 8 am pst, you have plenty of time!
Now I don't wanna influence your vote or anything...but if you want pain, bring on McCain.
I could just roll over and die laughing at that little jerkface. (Don't you just love it when you have your own blog and you can call someone important a jerkface on the internet?)
Over the past few months, I have received lots of polytainment emails and BTW when you start hearing that word around, POLYTAINMENT, remember, you heard it here first. It's my word, I invented it. I have to say the most ridiculous email of all was this letter proposing that Barrack Obama is a terrorist, why, just look at that name AND his running mate, when you put both names together, you get Obama Biden, which sounds a lot like some sleazy little man we've been trying to squelch for years, so therefore you mustn't trust Obama, "they" are going to take over this country! "We can't have black men tellin' us wut to do, mah gawd, them guys wuz slaves when my granpappy wus alive. It'll be uh cold day in hell when ahm gonna lissen to some black guy tellin' me what for."
Now this blog of mine is at the point of 4-5 readers a day. Thankfully, I am pretty sure those faithful readers of mine don't need a lecture, but I am gonna say this to you passers by that need a nudge.
Pull your head out, people!
This political message brought to you by Susiestheboss
**UPDATE****America has spoken. Obama, you're the man. What a fucking miracle!


lime said...

lol, i was done voting when you were still snoozing away all snug in yer bed. hehehehe :D

barman said...

Yep, same here. It was before 5:00 am your time and I was walking out of the poll with my I Voted sticker.

There has been sleaze coming from all sides but that email is just ridiculous. I am no Obama supporter or McCain either for that matter. But still several of the attacks on Obama, like the load of BS in that letter are just proving how ignorant they are.

Like any politician, if you want to pick on Obama there are plenty of legitimate reasons to do so but give his name and his race a rest and judge him on much more important things then what his favorite color is.

G-Man said...

At last I voted for the winner!!

Mona said...

well, you can't please them all.


The winner takes it all...


Fortress Guinness said...

i've been waiting for a proper 'WOO HOO...!!!' type post, but as it's taking it's time coming (i guess you're still too busy celebrating...), i'll just say this...well done you guys on the only choice that was worthwhile...!!! while i'm pleased that an African/American has finally achieved the big one, i'd like to think it was a lot more about the issues at hand and the disastrous Bush years that we've ALL had to suffer around the world...!!! best wishes to you all, from your cousin(s) across the pond...!!! (^_^)

Breazy said...

I am glad it is over and unlike most of those around me I didn't vote for McCain. Have a beautiful day!


bookbinder said...

I voted long before you even got up.

No matter who we all voted for, if we voted we have the right to bitch and moan if, or should I say when, our representatives make mistakes. If you didn't vote, SHUT THE FUCK UP! You had your chance and blew it. You deserve what you got.

C-BAZ & ARTAX said...

I VOTED! and brought lil guy along for the experience.