Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Portrait

Flashback 1996
Seeing Lime's post of her lil kids and herself from a few years back has inspired me to post some old pics for Thursday Portrait myself. Thanks Lime, I am having a brain freeze due to too much cashmere and fleece inhalation.
Some of you already know this, but Little Rita was born 8 weeks early! That is why she looks like a little wood elf or some non human creature up there! When she was born, they told us not to expect her home for 8 weeks. Of course, I was in hell at that thought. Imagine how thrilled we were when the doctor announced that she could come home after 4 weeks. Believe it or not, she is one month old in that picture and barely weighs four pounds!
That picture up there was taken on Thanksgiving 1996. Pretty much 12 years ago exactly. Could I please look that young again?
As you can see, by the time Little Rita was 9 or 10 months old, she was looking like a right plump baby girl! That cat is Buster. He lived to be 17. What an awesome cat.
Ok there you have it, flashback!
Have a wonderful day!


barman said...

I love the old pictures. How wonderful is that? You do look different for sure but either way you look super to me (enough butt kissing???)

It is amazing how small little Rita still looks in the second picture. Now I know Buster is probably a good size cat but she does not look all that much bigger than buster.

Great portrait in time Susie.

S said...

Well she was still little at that point, Bryan, but at least big enough to not worry about at that point.

lime said...

aww, glad i could inspire this post. it was so sweet. lil rita definitely made up for lost time. i just want to pinch those cute lil baby cheeks.

Akelamalu said...

S I thought that was you now holding a new niece or someone! You don't look a day older now than you did then!

What a cutie Rita is. :)

Fortress Guinness said... that last pic LR looks like my Jessica...!!! great pics suse ;) xxx

Mona said...

Wow! Susie! those pictures are awesome! I love them!

I love the little pink foot of little rita in the second picture!

It seems she loved cats since her infanthood! :)

C-BAZ & ARTAX said...


Wow susie great blog.
Takes me back.

LisaPizza said...

IF you are anything like me, you probably look that young in your mind's eye. It is a real shock every time I catch my reflection in the mirror these days. I truly feel like I am still 28 inside. It isn't until I have to run up the stairs of my home for the 39th time before noon,and I've arrive slightly out-of-breath at the top (sometimes I catch myself holding my breath then entire way because I'm so concentrating on remebering what I'm going upstairs for that I forget to breath along the way) that I start to feel my actual age of 46. Or at the end of a long day and a night out when I climb the stars for the last time before finally slipping into bed that I sometimes feel even OLDER than my relatively youthful middle-aged self.

Rita is adorable no matter the age. You are all so blessed. Thanks for sharing your flash back.
It has inspired my own. So I guess we both have lime to thank.

G-Man said...

Wood Elf?
Lisa Pizza?
I need a couple of 55's here!!!!

And Mona can crank out a few as well!!

Mojo said...

Hey, c'mon... Give Fleece A Chance!

1996... not a red letter year for me.

Nope. Rather forget that one.

Amber said...

Your kitty reminds me of my baby kitty that just left me. Well she was 8, but she was my first baby. They have the same white marking on their face. what a pretty kitty.