Friday, January 01, 2010

Delhi Kicks Our Asses, Film At 11

Happy New Year everyone. It's 7 :40 am on New Years Day. I have been up since 4:30 because I went to bed at midnight exactly....heard lots of bombs going off and stuff out there. Happy to be in the room after one of the most intense days I have ever spent in India.
I felt pretty ok after that accident, but I was worried about Keri and of course I feel awful that she had to experience that. I was ready to move on, you know, get right back on that bicycle I say. But this morning when I woke up, I was totally depressed and really working my brain over those two men. A couple of things were really playing over and over in my mind. One, how close Keri came to being injured badly. Two, how badly the motorcycle driver was dragged and injured. Thanking whatever that this man was wearing a helmet, knowing they are both most likely alive today but hurting. And the gas that was pouring out of the crushed motorcycle gas tank all around us. Later on, I realized that that gas could have ignited, we could all have been hurt etc.
I think we can just call this PTSD. I cannot wait to get out of Delhi HELLHI but I am going to have to wait til Sunday.
Keri is afraid to get into a rickshaw now and I dont blame her at all and I sure as hell ain't gonna make her. But, I have to get in a rickshaw I have stuff to do. I have business to take care of and I cannot afford taxis. I know I will be OK I always am.
Now I want to say that I was in Agra and of course my heart and thoughts were on Mona Dear who I did not want to bother during this time in her life. I hope you will know Mona, that I am thinking of you but I wanted to respect your privacy. Be well, dear one.
I am an emotional blob right now oyyyyyy!
This morning on the front page of the Times Of India was a full page open letter to the people of India to reach for peace with Pakistan. Reading along, it was lovely, and then partway through their peace rant, gently flung the blame back at Pakistan. WHAT THE FUCK? I hope I am not the only one to catch this cheap move. Shame on you, India. Peace and forgiveness or blame, make up your fucking mind.
Happens every year. India just splits you right open. Most of all, I feel that I am one helpless grain of sand in this crazy fucked up place and I cannot do anything to protect these people that I love from themselves. And I want to say this to you, Little Rita, you are not coming to India ever, unless you really want to... I set that dream free now my girl, you dont want to come here and I will never make you.
Have a wonderful New Year all of you!


G-Man said...

You be careful amongst all that craziness Susie...

Have fun in Goa!!

Berkshire Hostess said...

Susie, I am praying for a small army of especially competent warring angels to travel with you and your friend! May Jesus guide your every step. :) Happy New Year!

lime said...

experiences like that are traumatizing even if not immediately especially given the emotionally profound effect of normal occurrences there. just be gentle with yourself and keri. be safe.

Anonymous said...

happy new year suse...!!! wishing you and yours a healthy and prosperous 2010...!!! and keep watching your arse babe...!!! ;) xx

LisaPizza said...

Peaceful thoughts with love and appreciation are being sent your way from SS and myself. You are absolutely correct, in order for the conscience of the people of our planet to be raised we need to embrace peace, love and prosperity for ALL. None of this name calling, blame game will get us there. It won't happen while we are still thinking only of ourselves and not committed to doing what is right for all. The Golden Rule is my mantra these days. I want to be ready for the great shift of 2012.

May the rest of your Indian odyssey be drama & accident-free! May your karma spin in the opposite direction from now on.

Keep on blogging/ranting we love every word of it. said...

OH dear just read thru your updates - so glad you are OK physically - keep good thoughts and vibrating with great energy so although things may happen around you, even if very close - they will not happen to you - HUGS KB