Thursday, January 07, 2010

Still Chillin'

Hello everyone. I am still in Goa and having a ball! The usual, drinking too much, lying by the pool. watching the sunset and shopping. Last night we even went out to a disco with 4 scottish lads that are staying in our hotel. Thank goodness we brought them with us because the disco was full of Indian men and that was about all. It was super loud, and the ceilings were 6' tall only! Neon green and sparkly planets painted on the walls. Interesting cultural experience, hmnn....
Today is my last full day in Goa and then tomorrow I will head to Bangalore to finally get some work done. Usually I go to Bangalore first so I feel a little backwards here.
SO what to do today? Just working on my tan!
Have a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

glad you've had some fun...!!! now the work begins...immerse yourself...!!! ;) take care xxx

furiousBall said...

"The usual, drinking too much, lying by the pool. watching the sunset and shopping."

I'm stuck in the snow *envy*

Hobbes said...

Sounds great, even the excitement.
Happy New Year!

lime said...

i guess someone has to watch the pool while the rest of us freeze our arses

RennyBA's Terella said...

Keep on working on you're tan while you're there! I mean, if you had been visiting me in Oslo, Norway right now - you would have froze you're butt off (-20C or -7F)

Btw: Sorry I've been off for a while, but thanks to my GoogleReader, I've been able to go through you're 6 post since you went to India!

I really love your post about Sanjay who owns Rikhi Ram music and your Happy New Year posts!

Safe trip to Bangalore and I'm sooooo happy to know - even if hot and humid - you know how to dress right :-)

Ohhh yea, while I'm at it; Happy New Year to you dear blog friend!