Saturday, January 02, 2010

Having Fun Now

Sanjay and Susie in 2007?
(I really cant remember but when I googled Rikhi Ram this is the first pic that came up, scary a little...)

Hello all. Well this is our last night in Delhi, we hope. The fog has decended upon Delhi and that means airport problems. So Inshallah we will be in Goa by tomorrow afternoon. There we will not be cold anymore but hot, hot, hot!
Today we had a really fun time hanging out with my pal Sanjay who owns Rikhi Ram music in Delhi. I have posted about him before. Of course, hanging with Sanjay always means excellent tea, and a sitar, tabla, and veena performance. Sanjay is an excellent musician and owner of his music shop which once belonged to his grandfather and are the exclusive makers of sitars for Ravi Shankar and his daughter Anoushka. So yes, a super treat to be at Rikhi Ram and today was no exception. I almost bought a Kashmiri instrument called a rabab but talked myself out of it because I have been here 6 days and already overloaded with treasures.
If you want to know more about Rikhi Ram Music you can google it, they are quite well known.
After visiting Sanjay we headed back to Pahar Ganj and visited with my pal Preem and perused his endless collection of tribal jewelry made from South Indian ebony and bone. More tea! Then we came back to room and are now suffering a little with our load. I feel like a camel everytime I come here! LOL So much stuff to carry.
I hope you are all well and I will see you next from the lovely Arabian Sea in Goa.


lime said...

glad things have settled and you've been able to enjoy tea and music with friends.

Anonymous said...

is not going to get above freezing here today although, amazingly, the sun is shining right now...i think i know where i'd rather be...i know you're going to have a blast in Goa, so take it easy with the partying missy...!!! talk soon...!!! xxx

G-Man said...

I've seen Ravi Shankar Live with George Harrison, he was awesome!

Susie-Cue...Goin to Goa!!