Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shopping Madness!

Last years wheeling and dealings with Susie and Mir!

Hey all! I just loved all your comments from the last post. I think Gmans advice was best! LOL...
And yes this has been a challenging journey this time and not a total barrel of laughs.
Today I started my shopping frenzy in Bangalore. I have bought 60 shawls from my pal Mir, who you recall from last years posts with the knives and exquisite carpets. Now the Indian way to do business is very very slow and I spent 4 hours with Mir, choosing shawls one at a time, eating lunch with them, and chatting. I have met Mirs daddy who is visiting from Kashmir as well. While in the store I met a man from Napa County, and some of you know I live in Sonoma County, so as we were neighbors practically when you are speaking of the world...we chatted awhile as well. Then Mir told me, please pretend this is your shop, it will be fun for all of us! I said, well what do you want me to do? He said, boss us around and be a little mean when customers come in. When they see a white woman bossing in the shop they will think I am in charge and will feel more trust...OK so lying will make them more trust? LOL
Now excuse my way of writing but I have spent a week in Delhi, then a week in Goa listening to Brits, now Bangalore and my accent is all crazy as well as my way of thinking. Keri and I noticed that after a couple days in Goa, we started speaking like with brits, everything sounds a little like a question, isn't it?
Ok so then I left Mir and had to go to my favorite jewelry shop to buy Mr Ratburn a new wedding ring because Mr Ratburn lost his ring at the beach on Thanksgiving weekend. Now, let me tell you, in 26 years that I have known him, I have never seen this man so upset as the day he lost his wedding ring. This wedding ring we bought together in Bangalore on our 20th anniversary, as well as a new ring for me. And, I can tell you this, something I never expected. When we bought these rings together, after 20 years of marriage and all its ups and downs, that they meant more to us then the ones we gave each other on the day we were married in 1988. Then when he lost it, I couldnt believe how heavy it was for us.
So, we have been joking that he is just my boyfriend now untill we get him a ring. I am a little stressed about the size though. I hope I got it right.
OK so now I am at my hotel on the lame ass computer with...YEP, you got it, sticky keyboards.
So, I have a ton of work to do in next couple days. The most intense part will be shipping my textiles. I will be home before you know it!
Then the pics will come..but I have to warn you...I havent taken very many pictures this year....after 7 times, I am rather tired of shooting the same stuff over and over.
Ok so, off to my room, there is a teeny bottle of airplane whiskey awaiting me for the end of the day. Hope this post finds you all well and I wish my trip was more exciting for you all.
Perhaps a few emails are in order....
Love Susie


lime said...

that pic with mir makes me giggle. you both look like you're having so much fun.

what a bummer about ratburn's ring. will be interesting to see your pics when you do share them, even if they aren't a lot.

Amber said...

wow, what a nice story about the rings...sniff sweet. Hope you are having a great time

Anonymous said...

quote...'Keri and I noticed that after a couple days in Goa, we started speaking like with brits, everything sounds a little like a question, isn't it?'

of course, i have to say something here...THAT is an Australian trait my dear, that has been taken up by idiot no-brain Brits (particularly from 'the South') that have watched too many episodes of fucking 'Neighbours' 'Home & Away' and 'The Sullivans'(crap Aussie soaps) for their own much so that they've forgotten how to speak their native language properly...!!!
so now you know, enough with the Brit bashing already (unless they're southerners lol) and get over it Cali babe...!!! lol ;)
glad you had a cool time with Mir and that you're finally enjoying yourself...!!! xxx

G-Man said...

Hurry Back Safely Susie-Cue...G

RennyBA's Terella said...

Sweet story and nice picture of you in action - love the expression in you're face: Go Susie, go!