Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Motorcycle Kitty Gang, Here I Come!

Ok wow! I just am so giggly over last night events, but first let me just tell Ian that of course you may have a shawl for your lovely Jan. When I get back we will set up the camera and I will show them all to you and then you can pick one out. I have 80! :P
So, last night I got on my best little ghetto salwar kameez and hopped in a rickshaw and headed over to Mirs shop to meet him. (Ghetto salwar is what I call the cotton inexpensive ones, and believe me, I was highly aware that I was not dressed in the height of Bangalore fashion. These women are on top of style and prefer super glitzy stiff cotton and polyester, tight arms, overly decorated salwars in solid colors with mega gold trims. They are totally uncomfortable! I hate them. So, there I was, in my Jaipur ghetto salwar kameez as comfy and happy as a clam!)
Ok where was I? So when I got to Mirs shop which was supposed to be closing at 8pm, his worker told him that he was expecting a customer at 9:30, so we had to stay and wait for them. But of course they didn't come! So then Mir and I jumped into a rickshaw and headed to his home. His brother and friend who also works at the shop were already home by the time we got there, having rode the bikes home.
So there I met Mirs mama, and daddy, who I met on Sunday, and we had the most delicious meal of rice, chicken, mutton, yogurt which they call curd, salad of onions, carrots, cucumbers. My goodness I thought I was going to burst I ate so much but Mir and his mama kept insisting that I eat, madam, eat! Man, I was trying my dangdest to clear that plate but I just couldn't do it. I have to confess I have never eaten mutton before because, well, baaaa baaaa baaa! I just can't stand the thought of eating sheeps! But guess what? It was delicious! Tasted a little like a wonderful Italian meatball! Maybe when I get home I will finally try a lamburger!
Then Mir and his brother Wasseem whipped out my camera and we took some really fun pictures which I will show you next week. We made some videos too. I was told that it is time for me to update my camera since I have had it "every year in India, madam!" What can I say it takes great pictures, just not quickly.
So then Mir showed my pictures of his fiance and their engagement pictures. They will be married in the summer and Mir has invited me to his wedding in Kashmir. WOW do you think I oughta go? That would be a trip, wouldn't it?
Ok so by that time it was quite late and so Mir and I hopped on his bike and headed back to my hotel. By that time of the night there is no traffic and so it was completely a rush breezing through the streets of Bangalore! We got a little bit lost because Mir doesn't come to this side of Bangalore often, but that just made the ride longer, and fun!!!!!
Now Mr Ratburn says I need a leather jacket so I can join a motorcycle gang. He called it Motorcycle Kitties! LOL Well yes, that is about my speed. Plus, it will take a teeny little motorcycle for me to be able to reach the ground while sitting on it, so yeah, I would look kinda kittyish!
Oyyyyyy I love Bangalore!!!!! Keri will come tonight and then we will finish the complete blowing off of her head by introducing her to Bangalore traffic and insanity. Also, we intend to eat ourselves silly for the next 4 days.
Hope all is well! Have a lovely day.


Queenmatrai said...

Hey Susie,
Remember me??? Noojes from the Blogosphere many years ago...
Well I am thrilled to see that you are still blogging.

I am not blogging as Queenmatrai at http://queenmatrai.blogspot.com

Hope we can keep in touch :)

Noojes aka Queenmatrai

G-Man said...

Please be careful.....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you my dear, can't wait to see them...!!! it'll be a blast as Jan will be watching too...because...i'm movin in with her next month...!!! yes, you read that right...i'm finally taking the plunge with a woman again...!!! hahahaha...!!! so glad you're enjoying yourself soooo much in B'lore, Jan has a friend who has a place in Goa...so you never know, me and Jan might be able to meet up with you one of these days...!!! take care darlin ;) xxx

PS - hate spelling mistakes lol ;)

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