Friday, November 02, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday

Just a Normal Little Momster

Sitting down at her makeup table, she growled and began removing her "party face." Off came the green spots, one by one, followed by the thick black eyebrows. Pulling off the wig, her real hair sprung free.

Smiling at herself in the mirror, she thought, Halloween is over, it feels good to be normal again.

Hope you all had a bewitchingly good time treak or treating! I am happy to announce that Little Rita, who has been sick since last Friday with the flu, still managed to drag her little self out there and make some neighborhood t and t rounds.

Seeing her so determined reminded me of trick or treating in Alaska, in the rain, slush, snow, freezing temps.....nothing could keep us from getting out there and doing our jobs. We were kids, and this was Halloween gosh darn it, and we had work to do, weather be ding danged, flu be gosh darned!

Anyway...if you want to know more about 55Flash, check the pink and white button on the sidebar over there. I hope you will all get out there and visit all the 55s, and also check G~mans blog for some 55 participants as well!


Little Wing said...

Great 55 Susie, you little Momster!
Glad Little Rita got to make the rounds!
My 55 is up now.

LisaPizza said...

Boy, Another Friday! Time sure flies! I'll post a 55 just for kicks. Come check it out.

Queenie said...

I'm rusty but I made it.Couldn't find the buttons!!!
Yours is once again brill, so pleased Rita didn't miss Halloween.

MONA said...

Ah! I see you are having too much fun!

& My 55 is up too!

lime said...

those fangs are too funny.

and yay for lil rita, poor kid. but she's obviously got her mama's spunk and strong constitution. glad she managed to have some fun.

i'm up

G-Man said...

Susie...I love your 'normal' pic! I'm glad your munchkin is feeling better. I think this is going to be a big 55 day...Good Luck!

Chris said...
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Mike M said...

Great 55 Susie!

Anonymous said...

heh heh heh like the teeth thing to finish off the 55.

I think we should have the kids donate 90% of their Halloween candy to the starving children of the world..ohhhhhh I'm so BAD!
(but I think there's a point in there somewhere)


SignGurl said...

You look adorable as a vampire! I loved the 55 and the idea of little S stomping through the snow to get candy.

I posted one this week.

Charles said...

That comment from chris is spam for an adult site.

Rebicmel said...

Have a great weekend and this was an awesome flash.

Beach Bum said...

Glad your little one made it out to trick or treat. My yougest was changed and at the door wanting to go as soon as we got home.

jillie said...

Halloween has come and gone. I love this time of year. WI was "kind" of similar but to not the same extent as Alaska.

I miss those days...ahhhh the memories.

Have a great wknd ;o)

WDKY said...

Great 55, sexy - and I played for the first time today!

Polt said...

I dont know who your dentist is, but I'm glad its not me.

I played too...later than usual, but better late than never, right?


Toadee said...

you are truly a leader amongst flashers

I'm up too

MIke Kilgore said...

Maybe I'll have to try one myself, making the rounds, you guys are all getting better and better!

barman said...

I finally posted something. I thought I just had sinus problems. Now I am thinking maybe I have the flu. We will see how I do tomorrow. Now I am sounding like the dog eat my homework with excuses why I didn't do my 55. Arg!

Mimster or you, either way you look wonderful. Love those teeth.

Glad Little Rita was able to participate in the festivities. I remember not being able to go t and t when as a kid sometimes. I was devastated. That candy was important.

snowelf said...

Poor Little Rita!! I hope she is feeling well enough to enjoy that candy now!! ;)

Susie you absolutely have the best pictures!!